Learn More About Group Travel




We live in a world full of hectic schedules and we look forward to that time of the year when we can take that well-deserved break during the holidays. It is during this time you decide to travel and take on exciting adventure to your desired location. There is no better way to spend this vacation with family or friends. Traveling with a group is very exciting and comes along with many advantages. It is however important to know yourself, whether you love a quiet time on your own or just with your partner. SeaWorld parks offer exciting information on this area and gives amazing discounts on the best travel offers.

Group travel is cost-effective. This is because the expenses incurred such as accommodation, food, tour tickets and transportation are shared among the group. Airline companies, motels and resorts also offer group rates and discounts which can help you save more. Group travel also offers you an opportunity to socialize with your family and friends. You can also create new friendships and bonds with people you meet during these trips and who share the same interest as you. The issue of safety is also very important. Group travel is safer especially in foreign areas where you can get lost or even attacked. It gives you a sense of warmth and security when you travel with a group.

However, group travel can come with some disadvantages such as lack of privacy especially to people who value theirs. This could arise especially when you’re sharing hotel rooms or using a hostel. There is also the possibility of clashing personalities since not everyone will turn into your best friend. Different people have different personalities and it can turn out to be a very awkward moment. Different interests as well can make things bumpy. All in all, a group travel can be fun if you’re spending time with familiar people and as you can read at SeaWorld parks, it comes with many benefits.

The Joy of a Classic Car – Without the Expense of Ownership



There is something eternally charming about classic cars. Many enthusiasts spend a lot of time and money keeping old cars on the road, for reasons and nostalgia and enjoyment, and the classic car movement in the UK is very strong indeed. There are many shows where you can go and see cars that are now rare and collectible – many of which may have been commonplace during their production years – and many thousands of people take great pleasure in showing their cars to others.

It may be that there is a car you drove in your younger days that you would like to experience again? Of, perhaps you remember a car your dad drove, and wonder what it was like? You can scour the adverts and online auction sites and find many interesting models, some at great prices, but buying and running a classic car, no matter how basic a model, can be expensive. Parts for even the most popular models are becoming hard to find, and an old car will need parts replacing constantly. There is an alternative to owning a classic car: hiring one from a specialist company with a wide choice of models.

Classic Car Hire Experts

What sort of classic are you eager to experience? Perhaps you want to drive a classic British sports car from the 1960’s, or maybe a large, luxury saloon such as a Jaguar or Mercedes? Indeed, the classic car, whatever the model, has gained a reputation as something of a status symbol of late, so being seen in a vintage model will certainly be worth your while! If you fancy hiring a classic, perhaps for a week of fun or to attend one of the many very popular classic car rallies, you need to check out the experts in classic and supercar hire London, Classic Parade.

They have a fantastic choice of classics including the majestic Jaguar XJ6 Coupe – one of the most beautiful cars of all time – plus the Austin Healey Sprite and MGB GT V8, both of which are true classics. You could also hire the quaint Fiat 500 or the more exotic Dino Spider, or one of a range of BMW’s and Mercedes. Classic Parade also hire a choice of modern exotica – everything from the astonishing Lamborghini Huracan to the big, bold and luxurious Bentley Continental GT. You can hire for a week, or for months, whatever your requirements.

Have Fun with Classics

The simple fact is this: classic cars are great fun, and provide a driving experience far-removed from your average modern daily driver, but they are expensive to run and require a lot of ongoing maintenance. By choosing to hire your classic, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance aspect, because it is done for you.

Hire a classic from Classic Parade and it will be delivered to you in pristine condition, fully maintained and ready to go, so have a look at the website now, or get in touch and see how they can help!

Discover the Beauty and Nostalgia of Cuba



Located in the Caribbean, Cuba is known for its rich history and colourful culture. Home to nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, you are never far away from some stunning natural landscapes or sun soaked beaches.

With a mix of nostalgic charm and modern tourist spots, the island has plenty to offer a traveller. This article will look at some of the essential places to visit in Cuba.

Old Havana

The quaint little streets of Old Havana contain the core of the original city, giving it a real sense of the past. It’s not unusual to see a number of lovingly maintained vintage 1950’s cars on the cobbled roads of the city – these have been a part of Cuban culture since Fidel Castro’s sanctions on car imports 50 years ago.

Wander the city on foot to see the beautiful baroque and neoclassical architecture and historic sites such as La Bodeguita Del Medio, a restaurant in Palo Alto that was one of Hemingway’s regular haunts.


This UNESCO site is home to an impressive number of iconic and colourful Spanish-colonial buildings and its history has been well-preserved since the 1800’s. With a number of rooftop restaurants, and beautiful beaches such as Playa Ancón nearby, you are never far from a stunning view in Trinidad.

North of the town is the Escambray mountains, perfect for an adventurous traveller to explore. To the South, you can enjoy the white sands of the Caribbean and soak up the summer sun or enjoy the town’s vibrant nightlife, with salsa and disco parties lasting long into the early hours of the morning.

Valle de Viñales

Another of Cuba’s UNESCO Heritage sites, Valle de Viñales is a must-see for any traveller. It is a sprawling valley with a lush landscape, nestled between breath-takingly dramatic mountains. This area is the epitome of rural Cuba, with its world-famous tobacco plantations giving you a real taste of the country’s history.

Make the journey to the small village of Los Aquáticos, which is accessible only by horse or on foot, and admire the scenic views en-route. Visit Gran Caverna de Santo Tomás, Cuba’s largest cave system, to have a guided tour of the underground pools, rock formations and native murals.

Cuba’s rich and diverse history is perfect for any traveller who wants to experience a sense of nostalgia and discover natural beauty. Book a holiday to Cuba and explore its beautiful landscapes and cultural charm – it’s an adventure you will never forget.

Iceland’s Greatest Natural Landmarks



The great country of Iceland is bursting at the seams with outstanding natural beauty. Located at the edge of the Arctic Circle, Iceland boasts serene lagoons, epic waterfalls, rugged fjords, imposing glaciers, hot springs and plenty of other amazing natural sights. It is also one of the best places to see the legendary Northern Lights. As a result, Iceland is the perfect destination for nature lovers and there are dozens of great sights to see during you stay.

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is a popular tour that enables you to take in three of Iceland’s greatest attractions – Pingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss. This tour will showcase the country’s great natural beauty and it is just a short trip from the capital (many tourists do a day tour or drive themselves). Gullfoss, in particular, is stunning and here you will find a postcard-esque scene with an incredible waterfall and constant rainbow.

Blue Lagoon

This man-made geothermal bath is Iceland’s greatest attraction. Here you can unwind in blissful 40 degree turquoise waters whilst surrounded by great natural beauty and ice and snow. This is the perfect place to come and relax after a few days of being on your feet and exploring Iceland.


These mammoth cliffs are found at the westernmost point in Iceland and are a breathtaking sight to behold. In addition to being a colossal natural structure, Latrabjarg is also home to a staggering amount of birds which makes it a popular destination with animal lovers. You will see all kinds of different birds at the cliff, but be sure to keep your eyes peeled for beautiful puffins which can be found here.


Known for being the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe, Dettifoss is a must visit and standing next to the waterfall is an unforgettable experience (not for the feint of heart). The water falls 45 metres, with over 500 cubic metres of water plunging over the edge each second. It is located in the scenic Jokulsargljufur National Park in the northeast, which is a great area to explore too.

In order to see these great natural highlights and others, it is worth booking your holiday with adventure specialists like Exodus. These companies can arrange everything for you and tours all around Iceland, which takes all the stress out of your trip and allows you to focus on what is important – the astonishing natural beauty on show in this wonderful country.

Advantages Of Travelling As A Group



Holidays are always a great way to take time away from the grind and stress of your day to day life, whether you choose to relax, go on adventures or do a little of both.  What could be better than sharing this relaxing and uplifting experience with the people closest to you, such as your friends and family?  Not only can travelling in a group be a rich and rewarding experience, you can also save a lot of money too.

A Cost Effective Way To Travel

When you go on a holiday with family or friends you can greatly reduce the travelling expenses, because everyone in the holiday group will be sharing food, transportation and accommodation.  It also gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of special discounted group accommodation and travel rates, that the majority of airlines, resorts, hotels and other companies in the travel industry offer nowadays.

Gives You A Chance To Socialise With The People You Love

You may see them from one week to the other, or even everyday if they live with you.  However, when you travel somewhere on holiday with your friends and family, you have a unique chance to socialise with them away from the normal stresses and strains of day to day working life.  You can all share in the experiences and adventures, which will make the holiday all the more enjoyable and memorable.

It’s An Easier And Safer Way To Travel

If you have only ever travelled on your own in the past, one of the biggest advantages of travelling as part of a group will be not having to do everything yourself.  When you are holidaying with family and friends things like planning itineraries, learning about the transportation systems of your chosen destination and the local language can be done as a group effort.  It is sensible to discuss with all the people you will be travelling with on the various steps you could take to make the trip more enjoyable and easier.  When you visit popular  tourist attractions and sites as a group, it also makes it safer as you are less likely to be mugged or get lost.

Eligible For Special Perks And Services

When you travel as a group of friends and family it may also make you eligible for various special deals and services.  There are many resorts that because they are so popular are hard to book reservations with when you are travelling alone or as a smaller group, that set aside some rooms especially for any larger groups who may be looking to book with them.  There are even some countries where the airport customs agents will give special priority to group holiday parties and will help them avoid having to wait in long queues.

Although it may seem as if there is more stress involved in planning a group holiday, we are sure you can see from the above that there are various advantages to making your next trip one for for you and a group of family and friends.

How to Be Social and Make Friends as an Expat



Becoming an expat can mean warm sandy beaches, exciting new cultures, and a chance to live as you never have before, but it can be lonely when you remove yourself from the social networks you spent a lifetime developing.

That said, more and more people are choosing the expat life, so all you need to know is how to find them.

Use Online Meet-Up Sites

In the modern world, meeting people is something you can do without even leaving your home. There are plenty of expat meet-up websites where you can check out get-togethers in your area. These won’t just offer the odd social; you should be able to find groups based around hiking, cooking, and all kinds of other mutual interests, so events always seem to have an inbuilt icebreaker.

Be Discerning When It Comes to Locations             

It could be that you’ve already made your decision when it comes to where you’ll be living in your new country of residence, but you should look into the particular areas of that country to see if you’ll be with like-minded people. A certain area might hold plenty of expats, but the crowd could be geared more towards entrepreneurs in their twenties and thirties rather than the recently retired. If you’re particularly worried about meeting people you can even look for living complexes that are expat-only.

Additionally, here’s an infographic of places where more and more expats are moving to and uncover very social places to move to, that you might never thought of before:

Attend Events in Your Area

When it comes down to it, it’s very hard to do better than simply heading out with an open mind to attend events in your local area. If you’re interested in something, others will be too; whether you have a hobby already that you’d like to develop or are interested in starting something new, take a look at what’s around and join in. As you become a regular, you’ll get to know other people naturally.

Feeling cut off from your former friends can be one of the worst things about being an expat, but making new connections can be one of the best. Just use the tips listed above to make sure you can become part of your new home’s social life.

Sustainable Holiday Ideas for 2017!



With 2017 just around the corner there’s a lot to look forward to, but what exactly can you get up to in 2017? How about a switch to the green side? Sustainable travelling is picking up with many tourist resorts offering an exciting, and environmentally friendly, way of modern travel.

This doesn’t mean hanging around your local vicinity camping either, as there are many modern luxuries which can be enjoyed with the environment in mind. This guide to happier holidays in 2017 offers only a few of the possibilities, so use these to consider what you can do in the year ahead.

It’s an era of baby steps

Before you head off thinking green holidays are advanced, we’re still in an era where they’re only just taking off in the public conscience. There are sites such as Responsible Travel which offer lots of ideas, so that’s a fantastic place to start. It suggests far flung locations such as Japan, the Galapagos, and Cuba – so, not exactly terrible then!

It’s also worth do a search of the country you’re from. In the UK, for instance, there are environmentally friendly theme parks and an endless selection of beautiful places to visit where countryside and walking are the main areas of interest.

Camping & Glamping

Of course, camping remains a firm favourite from many people. There’s nothing to stop you from heading somewhere such as the Scottish highlands to pitch your tent and enjoying a relaxing weekend.

Glamping is a modernised version of this which keeps a few home comforts, but all with an emphasis on being friendlier to the environment. Consider where you’re heading and do a bit of research to find the best camping spots around the area. You can also use this green camper guides to stay on the straight and narrow during your trip.

Eco Lodges

These increasingly popular lodges are popping up all over the world. You can see this guide to the 10 best eco lodges in Costa Rica, for instance. They can be cheap to rent on a night by night basis, or for a week, and offer all sorts of local perks depending on your location – many in Portugal offer on-site massages, and all with the minimum of drain on the local community.

A road trip

Particularly green if you have an electric car, but otherwise it can still be green as you’re not jetting off in a fuel guzzling aircraft somewhere. Indeed, you can also fit out your vehicle with green enhancing credentials. Fit the right tyres for the season or get some run flat tyres fitted – these ensure you can keep driving even in the event of a puncture!

After this, the world is well and truly your oyster. Where do you go to and what do you see? Obviously, the less travelling you do the better, so it really depends on where you live. If you’re in the UK or Europe, for instance, consider some iconic cities such as Paris, Bruges, or London.

Alternatively, turn your road trip into a bike trip – get a backpack and cycle to your holiday destination!

Head where the animals are!

If you’re an animal lover then it’s a great age to travel. There are many amazing, green, and vibrant places to visit to catch up with some wildlife. Whether it’s a safari park in South Africa, dolphin spotting in Portugal, tropical wildlife in Costa Rica, or volunteering at a wildlife centre in Malawi, you can have a brilliant holiday simply by bonding with nature.

Have a look at this sustainable wildlife holidays guide for a few more ideas to have you whisked on your ideal holiday in 2017.

Top Things to do in Dubai




There really is nowhere quite like Dubai. Cultures collide as all the glitz and glam of the international elite mixes with traditional Arabian souks and Middle-eastern values to create a fast-paced, vibrant caldron of excitement. Whether you are visiting Dubai for a weekend or a month, you will never be short of things to do in this young, modern city. Here are my top unmissable activities to do while in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

It would be extremely difficult to be in Dubai and not catch a glimpse of the world’s tallest building at some point during your stay. Standing at an incredible height of 823 meters, over 1 kilometre, it is visible from just about every part of the city, shimmering in the desert heat waves. It’s so high you will feel your ears pop on the way up to the observation deck on the 124th floor. Here you can take in the mesmerising views of The Palm and Jumeirah beach from the clouds.

After you have taken a trip to the top of the Burj Khalifa, head down to one of the restaurants next to the foot of the building next to the man-made lake where an incredible water fountain show takes place every half an hour. In true Dubai style, it is bigger, fancier and more spectacular than any other water fountain show in the world with lights and music. For the ultimate experience try and be there around the sunset so you an experience it in the light and dark.

Aquaventure – Atlantis The Palm

A fun day trip for all ages, Dubai is home to two fabulous water parks. The most famous is the Aquaventure park located in the grounds of the world-famous Atlantis hotel on The Palm. Boasting a mile worth of interconnected pools and no less than 42 tropical areas, it’s hard to believe you are in the dessert at Aqaventure.

If you are feeling particularly daring take the plunge on the Leap of Faith slide. This near-vertical drop from the top of the Tower of Neptune plunges you into a clear tunnel running through shark lagoon at the bottom in under 2 seconds! There is also a great selection of family rides and kids pools so the whole family can enjoy the water park together.

After a long day at the water park, enjoy all Atlantis has to offer, by heading over to the grounds of the hotel. Here you will find an aquarium, clothes shops and a fantastic selection of restaurants showcasing a variety of international cuisine. My particular favourite is the Japanese style restaurant, Nobu.


Like everything in Dubai, the beaches are grand and luxurious with elaborate restaurants and beach side bars around the sand. Mostly joined onto hotel complexes, they are the best place to escape the fast pace of the city and relax. Head over the The Palm and take in the Skyline of mainland Dubai while you paddle board and jet ski around the bay or rub sun burned shoulders with celebrities on Jumeirah Beach. With every water sport you could possible imagine on offer, water jetpacking in particular is becoming very popular, you will never find yourself stuck for things to do on a Dubai beach.

If you are looking to enjoy a cocktail while you sunbathe, make sure you go to a beach that is part of a hotel complex. It is illegal in Dubai to drink alcohol outside of hotels. Fortunately, just about every hotel has its own beach front with all the facilities you could dream of and at a small fee you can enjoy all of their amenities without staying at the hotel. The majority will have a number of pools near the beach area. One of my favourite hotels in Dubai is Fraser Suites Dubai with a great range of facilities and reasonably priced, it’s an ideal option for those looking for luxury accommodation in a great location.

Desert Safari

Get out of town and experience the magical beauty of the desert with one of the many safari tours on offer. You can spend the day, a few days, or even a week out in the desert. Here you have the opportunity to try out some traditional cuisine and ride camels. If you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie you can choose a tour which includes a sand buggy trip, where you drive around the dunes at high speed in an ultra-light weight sand buggy. This is a great opportunity to experience the local culture, and life before the oil boom. Make sure you do your research and choose a tour which

With great deals on flights, Qatar Airways discount vouchers are particularly good, especially if you’re planning on travelling in the off season.

5 Reasons Why Having an Accurate Weather App Can Change Your Trip for the Better



Bad weather can quickly disrupt any trip, but a good weather app can save a vacation. Here are 5 reasons why having an accurate weather app can change any trip for the better.

  1. Breaks: Whether you are on the road or sightseeing, you need to take a break eventually. So why not synchronize your breaks with your weather app? Android and iPhone both have great weather apps that you can download.
  2. Plan For Snow: Snow in the a big city can be downright magical, but only if you aren’t caught off guard. With a weather app, Android and iPhone both offer a variety of apps. You can usually get free weather radar which can help you predict snowfall, so that you can be prepared for sightseeing or check out a weather station.
  3. Prepare for Sniffles: Taking allergy medications before you are exposed to a potential allergen will help you avoid getting the brunt of the symptoms. A weather app can give you pollen counts in the area that you will be visiting, which can help you make a preemptive strike at your allergy symptoms.
  4. Enjoy Nature: Certain sights are particularly beautiful in the rain, or after a rainstorm. Find a potential place to visit, and use your weather app to predict the duration of a rainy day or storm. Then walk or hike to your desired destination.
  5. Walk In The Rain: Rainy day walks can be fun for kids, romantic partners, and those in need of calming. Walking around a new city under an umbrella can add to the ambiance, especially if the city that you are visiting is rich in Gothic architecture.

Don’t just download a weather app, use it to make your trip feel amazing and special.

Here’s What to Do for a More Adventurous UK Break

Looking for the best way to have an adventure-filled holiday in the UK? Keep on reading and we’ll recommend some of the best destinations that should be part of your bucket list. For sure, these places will give you a vacation that you will forever remember.

Walking in Yorkshire

Walking can be boring, but this is definitely not the case when you are in a place that is as beautiful as Yorkshire. There are more than 600 routes that can be taken, each with the promise of offering a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you are into nature or heritage, you will surely love this activity. It is also the perfect opportunity to discover more about the history of the place. You will have an up close and personal encounter with Yorkshire if you decide to explore on foot.

Go Canal Boating

In the past, canals have played an important role in the field of commerce. They have been used as the means of transportation for conducting trade, even before railways became popular. Today, while it is no longer used to facilitate trading, they are still popular for tourism. You can ride a narrowboat and explore the stretch of the UK canals. This is the perfect idea for a slow-paced holiday, which will allow you to enjoy natural beauty in your specific destination.

Surfing in Cornwall

The coastal town of Cornwall is the perfect destination for anyone who is looking for a beach destination in the UK. Aside from sunbathing and swimming, this is also a popular choice for surfing. Among others, one of its well-known surfing spots is Fistral beach, which can easily get crowded during the summer months. Other destinations that you might want to consider checking out include Gwithian Beach, Perranporth Beach, Polzeath Beach, and Porthmeaor Beach. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there is a surfing spot that you will love.

Wild Camping in River Spey

This is one of the best outdoor activities that you can enjoy when in Scotland. It is a popular choice for camping in the woods, but beyond such, there are tons of other activities that you will find thrilling as well, such as canoeing. It is known as one of the best touring rivers in the UK. After an adventure-filled day in the river, cap off by sleeping in a tranquil forest, devoid of the luxury high-end hotels can offer.

Cycle in Northern Ireland

Over the years, cycling has gained a reputation as one of the most popular tourist activities in various destinations, including the province of Ulster. Two-wheeled tours are preferred by many because it allows them to go at their own pace. Aside from cycling, you can also visit a bird colony and ancient castles. Another exciting activity that you should definitely try is fossil hunting – one thing that you do not get to enjoy in other destinations. As long as you have an experienced guide, this is a road-safe destination that is sure to offer an exciting adventure.