Planning Your Amazing Australian Surfing Holiday

Always wanted to go surfing in Australia? We can’t blame you. Getting out on the waves is one of the best experiences you can get on a beach. Many love it so much that it becomes much more than a holiday activity. Maybe you’ll find the waves call to you, too, and end up going all times of the year, summer or not. But before that, you need to know how to plan for your big surfing excursion. Just follow our four steps and you’ll be surf ready in no time.

If you find yourself looking for other things to do while you’re there, we can’t get enough of Australia and we have plenty of material to help you out.



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This is the most important one. There are all kinds of different scenes that are good for surfing. There are some better for beginners. Some have all the comforts of a good holiday spot nearby. There are also those that are more secluded but famous for the beauty of the surroundings and quality of the waves. There are lots of guides to good surf spots online, but we recommend looking here for an expert’s look at which are the best in Australia and why.



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Buying a surfboard can a daunting task for experienced surfers, never mind those who are completely new at it. First-timers are always recommended to try a soft-surfboard. But that’s not all you need to consider. Pay close attention to the condition of the board and accept nothing that’s not absolutely mint. Try seeing what accessories you can get with it such as a leash or a board bag. Also consider paying in cash as certain stores will be happy to give a discount for that. As for the store, don’t buy your surfboards at general sports stores. The staff in a surf shop will know a lot more about the kinds of boards on offer. For more advice on buying a board, check out this site.



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When you’re going surfing, you will most likely want a wet-suit. Sure, you can get to the beach in a pair of shorts and go out like that, but you might find yourself freezing. Always check the weather reports of the area to see what temperature the water is. Chances are, however, you’ll want to go surfing no matter the water temperature. So if you’re on a surfing holiday, get yourself a wetsuit. As well as protecting you from the colder waters, it’s also good for those with sensitive skin.

Be prepared


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Having your first few (many) spills in the water is all part of the fun on your first surfing holiday. But that doesn’t have to be the whole experience! Keep these tips in mind when you’re learning how to surf. Also remember that surfing can be a pretty physically strenuous activity. Between balance and posture, you’re much more likely to own those waves if you’re in the right shape.

With the right location, equipment and a bit of preparation, nothing will stop you from taking on those waves. We hope to see you out there!


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