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Planning Your Winter Ski Break?

If you are looking for a skiing holiday, you might be asking yourself just when the skiing season ends.

It all depends where you intend to take that winter ski break of course, although there are resorts throughout Europe where the season extends right through April and, in some cases, even into May. Close to the glaciers of the Austrian Alps, the season is open all the year round.

Ski Resort Info reports that there are ski resorts open in the United States right through to the end of August.

In short, therefore, there is nothing untoward in planning your winter ski break even when the first buds of spring are beginning to appear at home in the UK.

What are some of the important steps when preparing that intended break?

Keep fit

  • there is no half-hearted or short cut route to gaining the fitness you are likely to need for proper enjoyment of your skiing holiday;

Ski insurance

  • however fit you are, accidents may still happen and result in injury to you or to others;
  • this makes arranging ski insurance an important part of your preparations;
  • its focus is likely to be on providing sufficient cover for any medical emergencies that may require your rescue from the slopes and treatment in hospital;
  • an equally important element of ski insurance is the public liability cover it offers in the event of your causing injury to anyone else on the slopes;

European Health Insurance Card

  • whilst preparing the paperwork you may need, if you are going to skiing in Europe don’t forget to check the validity of your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and, if necessary, renew it – it’s free;
  • an EHIC gives to access to publicly funded health and emergency treatment in the country or countries you are going to visit – it is certainly no substitute to appropriate ski insurance but may ease your access to some facilities you may need;

Check your gear

  • the essential kit for a successful skiing holiday may be summed up in three words – skis, boots and clothing;
  • if you own your own skis, make sure that they are properly serviced under the guidance of a professional;
  • boots may be more important than the skis themselves and are the piece of kit you are likely to buy before buying skis – clearly, they need to fit your individual requirements and, if you are renting them, don’t be afraid to try several different pairs before settling on the ones that suit you the best;
  • clothing needs to keep you warm, but not hot and today’s materials help to keep you at just the right temperature – remember that woolen undergarments have a better chance of staying warm than cotton if you do get wet.

It might be evident, therefore, that some advance planning, rather than a spur of the moment decision, is likely to lead to a more successful and enjoyable ski holiday.

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