How To Prepare For A Golfing Holiday Abroad

How To Prepare For A Golfing Holiday Abroad

If you are a keen golfer, one of the things that you will probably want to do at some point is go on a golfing holiday with your family or friends (or both)!

Golf is one of the world’s most-loved sports, and not only can it be played by professionals or beginners alike, but it’s a great outdoor sport that all of the family can enjoy!

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Here is what you need to know so that you can prepare for that long-awaited golf holiday abroad:

Get the best deals on flights and accommodation

Before you get your credit card out, you will obviously be wanting to make sure that you get the best deals on your flights and accommodation. Websites such as let you pick and choose when you fly out and come back, and it even offers a handy hotel and car hire search facility too.

Alternatively, it might be worth contacting travel agencies that specialise in arranging golfing holidays for individuals or groups of people, as they will have experience of the best local hotels to stay at.

Take your own kit, or hire some when you’re out there?

One of the questions that many golfers ask when arranging a golfing holiday for the first time is whether to take their own golf clubs and accessories, or simply hire them when on holiday?

It is technically possible for people to take golf clubs as checked-in luggage on planes, so if your holiday is going to focus solely (or mainly) on playing golf, then I would suggest taking your own kit with you.

After all, it would feel a bit “weird” not having your own SLDR fairway wood by TaylorMade to play with, if you have to hire some golf clubs which feel unfamiliar to you! On the flip side of the coin, if your holiday is only going to consist of a small percentage of playing golf, then it might be easier and cheaper to just hire some golf clubs when you’re out there.

If you are planning on taking your own golf clubs and equipment with you, you should check with the airlines that you are flying with what the requirements are with regards to checking them in as hold luggage. You might also wish to arrange some separate insurance for those items in case they are damaged or lost in transit.

Do some golf course research

In order to ensure a rewarding and enhanced experience of playing golf abroad, I would recommend that you do some research into the golf courses that you want to visit.

There are literally tens of thousands of golf courses around the world to play at, and the last thing you want to do is just randomly turn up to a golf course local to your hotel only to find that it’s not a very nice or inviting place to play golf at!

The Golf World Map website is an excellent reference site for those that want to search by country or region.

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