Pros and Cons of Getting Married Abroad

Pros and Cons of Getting Married Abroad

It has been estimated that around 16% of British couples who get married every year are choosing to do so abroad.  If you are considering on making your big day a truly unforgettable one, then few people would be able to argue with choosing an exotic location such as Australia to give it that extra special touch.  However, just as any decision concerning your big day should not be made lightly, the decision to get married abroad should be given some real thought and research.  To help you, in the following article we will outline some of the potential pros and cons to having your nuptials abroad.



In Britain, you can plan most things connected to your big day, but there is one thing you can’t account for, that could easily change at the drop of a hat or tiara – the great British weather!  Therefore, it makes sense that if you could find a place where there is a guarantee of sunshine; it is worth considering as the location of your wedding.  This is why many people choose to get married in Australia, South Africa and Spain for instance.


Although you will have to take the price of accommodation and flights into consideration, the actual wedding could be cheaper abroad than it is on the homeland.  Not only are many things cheaper in foreign countries, because you are having it abroad and your guests will have to travel with you, this will push you to have a smaller number of guests thus saving you some money in the process.

Honeymoon on Your Doorstep

What could be better than not having to arrange a honeymoon?  When you wake up on the morning after getting hitched abroad, guess what?  You already are in the honeymoon spot of your dreams!



Budget may be a downside to that dream wedding abroad, particularly if you and your partner intend on having the same size and level of extravagancy with your wedding abroad as you would on home turf as this can send the costs up.

Some Friends May Be Absent

Dream destination aside, you need to think about the impact having a wedding in a far distance land is going to have on relatives and friends.  The further away you want your wedding to take place, the less likely elderly relatives, people with young children and those who have a limited budget will be able to attend your big day.

You Will Have Less Control

Brides in particular like to have a lot of control of their big day and the minute you decide to arrange it to take place abroad is the minute you lose some of that control.  It just isn’t possible to control everything when there are large oceans between you and your wedding destination.  You will have to trust a local wedding planner or the venue itself, such as Bell City and their suppliers and will often have to compromise more than you would with a wedding at home.

Potential Lack of Private Time

When you have a wedding on home soil, you know that you will have time to yourselves on the wedding night and when you go away for your honeymoon.  Having your wedding abroad however, means that you have to consider the fact that your guests have travelled far to celebrate your big day with you and how you are going to get some time alone.

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