Romantic Breaks For Adventurous Spirits

Romantic Breaks For Adventurous Spirits

For the most adventurous of spirits, a standard romantic break just might not be enough. If you are looking to take a break that is exciting, challenging and romantic then you’ll need to get a little more creative with your travel plans.

Spooky paranormal breaks for budding ghost hunters

If you enjoy being scared senseless on a romantic break then take a look into some of the top spooky paranormal breaks that you can go on.

These romantic breaks might not be for everyone, but if thrill seeking is your thing, then you will love it! There will be the option of staying in various allegedly haunted locations as well as joining popular ghost walks and meeting new friends with similar interests.

Take the time to recover from your fright by booking a relaxing and romantic meal in the evening for yourself and your partner.


                         Action packed ski break for adrenaline junkies

For those who like to be out and about, how about a taste of the great outdoors? Surround yourself with snow-capped mountains and beautiful scenery as you ski down the slopes at superfast speeds. You could even research basing yourself in accommodation such as a Chaletline ski chalet for optimum comfort and relaxation when you’re not out burning up all of your energy on the slopes.

Image a romantic break where during the day, you get to brush up on your ski techniques and perfect your most daring stunts but by night, you can completely relax

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                New Orleans bayous tour break for an eye opening experience

If you really want something different then why not book an adventurous trip to New Orleans. This is an exciting way to do something different with your romantic break and take in some stunning scenery that you probably don’t see every day.

Consider taking a New Orleans swamp tour and coming up close (but, hopefully not too close!) and personal with alligators and crocodiles who dwell in the murky swamps below you.

You can experience the creepy nature of some of the best New Orleans based horror movies, first hand.  Don’t forget your camera!

You can also experience the romantic evening scene and New Orleans nightlife by taking the time to explore after sunset. With a variety of successful fine dining restaurants and plenty of jazz bars, you’ll be in your element here.

                                 A weekend of hiking and biking

Another action packed break that is perfect for couples is a visit to Somerset in the UK. With plenty of lush green countryside, it is perfect for those craving a mix of outdoor activities and romantic picnics.

The Quantocks are a great place for hiking and mountain biking. Rent bikes or bring your own, depending on where you are travelling from. With a mixture of tough rocky tracks and softer, easygoing dirt trails it is perfect for any avid explorer. If you get muddy, you can always wash off in one of the streams.

There are also plenty of nearby adventure activities such as rock climbing, caving and orienteering. So take your pick and get your adventurous, romantic break in full swing!


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