Save on Your Day out at Central London

Save on Your Day out at Central London

Although London is among the most expensive cities in the world, there are several ways in which you can have a budget holiday. On your trip to Central London, follow this guide that has inexpensive and free things that you could do to have a day full of fun without worrying about how much you spend.

Make it Inexpensive

The first thing to do is to book a budget hotel. There are great options for central London hotels like Hotel Lilly, which offers comfort and good service at a reasonable price.

The Scoop

You must have heard about the free museums and galleries in London. However, finding a cinema or a theatre is difficult. The Scoop is that hotspot to enjoy entertainment for free. It is located near City Hall and close to Tower Bridge. Amphitheatre on summer evenings has various film screening, plays, live music and keep-fit classes. The City Hall has small gallery spaces, cafes and a giant London map.

Postman’s Park

Created by George Frederick Watts in 1900, this was a tiny park in Square Mile. What makes it special is that it is a memorial for people who gave up their lives to save others. This wall of tragic heroes will surely move you. Go for a free event at Royal Albert Hall which is a 14 minutes drive on Kensington Road.

Barbican Centre

Brutalism, an architectural style, is very well expressed in this complex, built in the 1970s. With a rooftop conservatory as its highlight, the mysterious walkways, hidden gardens, slopes and steps make it an interesting place to indulge in. A recommendation – do not forget the way to your budget hotel in central London, you would want to reach your room quickly after a busy day.

Somerset House

Elegant staircases, a balcony view of the Thames, and a small art gallery are also worthy of a visit at this Georgian building. The courtyard is what makes it famous. The dancing fountains are a bliss sight in summer, which turns into an ice rink in winter. The art installations and performances in the catacombs of the building would certainly delight you.

Royal Festival Hall

Built for the 1951 festival of Britain, it still stands on the South Bank. A free concert, exhibition or workshop could well be taking place on the ground floor stage area. There is a little-known balcony which has a beautiful view of the Thames. Make your way up to the fifth floor taking the singing glass elevator.

All Hallows by the Tower

Just a yard away from the popular Tower of London is the Church of All Hallows that dates back to the times of Saxon. It has a small museum with a model of Roman London and baptism record of the founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn. Largely a post war reconstruction now, Arch and other remains from more than 1,000 years ago can still be seen in the current building.

Gresham College

In his will dating back to 1597, Thomas Gresham set the ball rolling and the college still holds free lectures, even after almost 500 years. Topics ranging from law to divinity to astronomy, the college organizes 140 talks each year. Although aimed at the general public, the lectures are delivered by professors in the normal style of a college.

Visit areas such as the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Hammersmith Apollo, and Olympia Exhibition Centre to increase your store of knowledge. Don’t forget to make bookings in advance, whether it is for your travel or stay. Check out cheap accommodations in Central London and you can save a lot of money.

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