Saving money on your summer travels

Saving money on your summer travels

If you’re heading off abroad this summer or staying in the UK for a self-catering break or planning to enjoy a few day trips, the cost can soon mount up. Fuel, food, entry fees all empty the purse and a family of four can easily spend £100 on a day out to a popular attraction.

There are a number of ways though to have a great time whilst on your travels and to not come back penniless.

Saving the points

When you shop, if you save Nectar points you can trade them in for a Merlin pass. This covers entry to attractions such as all Sea Life Centres, Madame Tussauds and Chessington World of Adventure. Paying full price for family entry to any of these popular places can really hurt the bank balance so this is a great way to save at the same time as you shop.

Treasure hunting

Spend a weekend geocaching and you’ll enjoy a fantastic few days hunting for hidden treasure around the countryside. As well as looking for hidden items yourself from only a few clues provided, the children can add to the mystery by making their own homemade treasures, putting them in a safe place and adding to the online databases for others to find their trove.

Home on the road

If you’re a fan of using your caravan to head off for inexpensive holidays where you take everything you need with you, or you love to pack a tent and head off camping, join the Camping & Caravanning Club. As well as making savings on a huge list of locations you can stay at, you’ll receive special offers for days out at popular UK attractions and when you join you’ll receive a 15% off voucher to buy a tent.

Get the most from your Days Out tickets

Rail companies have a number of promotions linked to their campaign called Days Out. These combine 2 for 1 offers to visit attractions along with low cost off-peak rail tickets. However, if after receiving your tickets you can’t then go on the day you were planning to, there are a number of Facebook groups where you can swap tickets with other members.

If the summer holidays with the children are looming and you’ve had an unexpectedly high utility bill which you know is going to overstretch the budget and leave very little to spend over the holiday period, compare information on direct lenders at There’s lots of advice about applying for a small, short term loan which could be the solution to resolving your temporary financial problem.

The summer holidays are a great time for the family to spend days or weeks together exploring the UK and further beyond. To have a fantastic break and to come home with some lovely memories which will last a lifetime doesn’t have to cost a fortune and the more opportunity everyone has to give their creative input into how to spend the precious time together, the more enjoyment there is to be had as everyone will feel that they have made the holiday even more special through family discussion and lots of use of clever initiative.

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