See The Best Of California In Two Weeks

See The Best Of California In Two Weeks

If we had to pick our favourite state in America, it would have to be California. It’s a tough call, but the sheer diversity in California makes it a winner. It has beaches, national parks, and two of the world’s most wonderful cities, all within a day’s drive. If you’re planning a trip to the golden state, you’re in for a real treat. In this post, we’re taking you on a road trip through California, exploring all the best places along the way. There really is something for everyone here.



LA – Los Angeles is famous for its Hollywood stars and its buzzy atmosphere. It’s a city that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. The Hollywood sign alone is worth the air fare! LA is a town of dreams, and you can feel the excitement and the optimism in the air. The food is also fantastic here, with some of the best eating establishments in America.

West Coast – Just a short drive from the buzzing heart of LA is the golden coast. We advise buying or renting a travel trailer, and snaking your way up the coast slowly. The views are phenomenal, and it’s worth taking your time on the coastal roads. Along the way, you can stop at Santa Barbara, Monterey Beach, and wherever else you choose! Here, the sea is warm, the beach is clear, and you can relax for a little while. If you like an adrenaline rush, try taking a surf lesson. You’ll find some of the best waves in the world here.



San Francisco – At the north of the state sits San Francisco. Famous for its steep streets and iconic trams, the city is a top destination for California travellers. It has a much more cultural and bohemian vibe than LA, and is much more laid back. (The locals will also tell you the food here is tastier!) The state’s best galleries and museums are found in San Francisco. Don’t forget about the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz prison either!

The National Parks – From San Francisco, it’s time to take our journey inland towards the national parks. California is home to one of the most famous parks in America: Yosemite. Yosemite National Park is a stunning forest, complete with waterfalls and awe-inspiring rock formations. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a black bear! We suggest renting a log cabin for a few nights, and making the most of this wonderful area.

Palm Springs – After a few days out in the wilderness, it’s time to head back towards civilization! Start driving south into the desert, destination Palm Springs. (You may want to stop off half way down in Fresno, as it’s a long journey!) Palm Springs the perfect place to relax and unwind for a few days before you head home. Palm Spring is famous for its golf courses and luxury hotels, so take your time, and enjoy yourself!

Finally, it’s back to LA to complete our round-trip of the golden state. California has such a wonderful variety of cities and attractions. Two weeks almost isn’t enough. Don’t worry, you can always come back for a second trip!


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