Skiing Tips for Total Beginners

Skiing down a beautiful white mountain through heaps of unspoiled snow with the sun shining in a crystal clear blue sky is one of the best feelings you can ever imagine. However, for complete beginners it can be hard to know when to start – you don’t want to worry so much about getting something wrong that you forget to enjoy yourself. We have some skiing tips here for total beginners, so just about anybody can hit the slopes with confidence and know-how:

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Gravity will probably try to take you where you don’t want to go. This means you must learn how to steer before taking your chances on the slopes!

Getting Your Balance

To get your balance you need to find a stance that is comfortable for you. Staying upright while sliding down a slippery slope isn’t easy, so you need to get this down.

Dressing Appropriately

You need to make sure you’re warm enough so you can ski comfortably. Check the weather in the area every morning to ensure maximum comfort. Here’s what you should wear:

  • Sunglasses in the sun, or goggles when it’s shady.
  • Make sure there’s a thermal layer next to your skin, not a cotton layer.
  • Multiple layers of clothing will keep you much warmer than one thick layer.
  • One pair of socks is enough – more will make your feet colder!
  • Make sure your outer layers are waterproof.

Protecting Your Skin

You need to make sure that your skin is well protected from the sun, wind, and cold. All of those elements can have horrible side effects! You can get wind and cold burn, and even sunburn as the snow reflects the sun’s rays.

Colour Coded Slopes

The slopes are all colour coded, which reflects how difficult they are. Green slopes are the easiest so most suited to beginners, whereas blue, red, and black become more difficult. Make sure you don’t throw yourself into the deep end early in the morning or later on in the afternoon.

Getting Insurance

Accidents can happen, no matter where you’re staying when skiing; whether that be in chalets in Val D’isere or somewhere on the Alps. It’s no use thinking that the worst won’t happen to you! Make sure you’re well prepared, and get travel insurance that includes winter sports cover.

Learning the Moves

  • Moving your skis – your skis will be clamped to your boots on your feet. If you turn your foot right, your ski will also turn right. Get familiar with the feeling of the skis on your feet and which muscles you’ll be using in the turns. You always point your skis where you want to go by turning your feet!
  • Your stance – by taking up a good stance, you’ll have less of a chance of sliding over when you start skiing. Having your feet shoulder width apart will give you more support and stop you from falling over.
  • Speed control/stopping yourself – The wider your feet are apart the slower you should go. If you want to stop, simply make the gap in between your toes smaller and the gap at the back of your feet larger.
  • Turning – turning is easy. You simply need to turn your feet in the direction you’d like to go. This can slow you down on a steep slope but won’t stop you from moving.

One more tip for you – look where you’d like to go! Usually, you’ll end up going in the direction you’re looking. Have a great time on your ski trip!

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