Take a Safari in Botswana for the Ultimate Experience

A safari adventure in Botswana is a soul-enriching experience that will bring you unforgettable memories that you will cherish for years.  With the dramatic contrasts of the land of Botswana, this game-watching paradise certainly does not disappoint. In fact, a Safari adventure is the ultimate sought after activity in this country because of the outstanding game viewing in the vastness of wild landscape.

In Botswana, there are many safari areas, each with exciting things to offer. It includes some of the famous spots, such as the river of Chobe (which naturally runs dry and seemingly floods at random), the pristine calm waters of the Okavango Delta, the exhilarating wildlife scenery in the Kalahari and the mineral-rich Solomon’s Wall.

Blessed with some of the most stunning and mesmerizing natural reserves in the continent of Africa, Botswana has this feat of the making travelers coming back for more. From our buddies at Signature African Safaris, here are the things you need to do to have an ultimate safari experience in Botswana.

Boating in The Okavango Delta

A natural wonder in Africa, the Okavango Delta is a natural beauty emanating from the diversity of its wildlife reserve. This place is teeming with exotic wildlife and lush vegetation, in spite of being nestled in the vastness of the desert plains.

Aside from game watching, the Okavango Delta is pretty famous because of its magical oasis – a body of water that never finds an open mouth. The irradiating clarity of the water channels spread over the arid soils of the Kalahari. Desert-adapted animal species like the elegant red lechwe and shy sitatunga are commonly cited in the wilderness of this delta. Other animals who share the richness of the glistening waters include banded mongoose, colorful frogs and jewel-like kingfishers.

Explore the enchanting waterways of the Okavango delta by a mokoro or a dugout canoe and prepare fishing gears if you’d like to go hunting some fish.

Reviewing Ancient History at Solomon’s Wall, Tuli Block

Located in the northeastern part of Botswana, Tuli Block is at the junction of the Shashe and Limpopo rivers with notable gigantic trees and great herds of game. This part of Botswana hails a particular culture in the country of Botswana.

Solomon’s Wall is the most fascinating natural art piece in the Tuli Block. A 30-meter high and 10-meter wide basalt dyke forms this naturally engineered steep-sided dam across the Motloutse River. Way back hundreds of years ago, this dam held back a grandiose lake spilling over the heights of the dyke. This was verified with the reserves of semi-precious gems found along the river paths. This wall and the surrounding area have also been known to store diamond reserves.

A muscular 4-wheel drive vehicle is what you need to reach and roam around the dykes of Solomon’s Wall and parts of the Tuli Block that is also teeming with scenic wildlife.

Game-viewing at Chobe National Park

The Chobe National Park is Botswana’s is a must-see wildlife destination to complete your ultimate safari expedition. Touted as the country’s top safari destination and Africa’s biggest wildlife concentration, Chobe is also the home of the ever-mysterious Savute Channel and the captivating natural beauty of Linyati River.

With a staggering 120,000 of elephants in the area, Chobe National Park boasts to be the home of the biggest elephant population in the world. Aside from the wonderful view of herds of elephants, this is also the home of many spectacular species like the lions, hyenas and many bird species.

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