The 5 Best Sport Bars in Singapore

The 5 Best Sport Bars in Singapore

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If you consider yourself as a sportfreak, then you must know that if you visit Singapore, there are a lot of sport bars that you can enjoy drinking beer or some other drink. You can’t find a better place than a sports bar, because there you can enjoy the exciting and friendly atmosphere between the all sport lovers. In the sports bars you can eat various and delicious food, relaxing with your friends, or just watch an exciting match and feeling the adrenaline of the people that you are surrounded by. It is the right place to meet new friends, or relaxing with the old ones on a drink or a meal. In this bar you can sit and enjoy, while watching this year’s Barclays Asia Trophy. There will be some interesting matches this year, so don’t try to miss it. The first match will be Everton facing Stoke City. After that are coming more and more exciting matches to watch. So pick your bar and be a part of this incredible event.Here we present you the best 5 sports bars that you can visit in Singapore…

Pyramid Sports Bar

You can enjoy the great atmosphere in this luxurious sport bar that is very wealthy designed with modern carpet flooring, yellow and blue lightings that make the atmosphere warmer, a spacious pool playing lounge, chairs and sofas that you can relax well, and a very well designed bar table. Also, you will be very satisfied with their good prepared menu that offers various and tasty meals and different kinds of drinks. The bar has a special VIP roomfor the people that want to watch sport matches privately. And also you can enjoy playing pool and billiard. The bar provides 14 international standard pool tables including 12 wiraka pool tables, 1 M1 snooker table, and 1 Russian billiard table.

Urban Fairways Golf Bar

If you are a golf lover, and you like activities in groups, then this is the perfect place to hang out with your friends. You can hang out and play golf and at the same time you can enjoy their food and drinks served by the very friendly staff that works there.The bar is known as the best golf bar in Singapore, so don’t miss the chance to visit it.

Beer Market

You are a football fan? If your answer is yes, then grab a beer, because you came at the right place. It’s a very specific bar in Singapore, because the prices of the drinks are variable. When the demand of some drink goes up, then the price increases by itself and you can see the offers on the screens every 30 minutes. Also, you can follow the matches of all international matches, including World Cup, English Premier League, and Champions League.

Boomarang Bistro and Bar

If you are from Australia, then this bar will be your favorite. Here are organizing  all the Australian public – holiday events, such as Anzac Day and Australia Day. If you are a gourmand, then you came to the right place, because this bar is very famous by their taste and flavorful Australian dishes.

Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub

It’s a traditional Irish Pub, designed with classic furniture and Irish decorations. It has a great menu with different types of beer, and delicious food. This bar provides you large screens where you can watch different kinds of sport, such as football, rugby, F1, golf, and tennis.

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