The Best Restaurants in Antalya

The Best Restaurants in Antalya

It isn’t the most well-known city in Turkey, but Antalya is one of the most beautiful, culturally unique and diverse locations in the country. There is a lot of history here that is present in the buildings, with a lot of establishments embracing the architecture and offering a brief glimpse into the city’s past.

Based on the south coast by the Mediterranean Sea, many restaurants tend to specialise in seafood, and it is a particular favourite amongst the locals. However, there is a fantastic array of different dining options – here are five that we would recommend to anyone visiting Antalya.

Club Arma

You’ll find that many restaurants in Antalya are based as close as possible to the sea, to make the most of the spectacular views this provides. Club Arma is no different, and with a seating capacity of 1,500, you’re guaranteed to find somewhere to sit that best pleases you.

It is one of the places that specialises in both warm and cold seafood dishes, appetisers and mains, with fresh ingredients used to maximise quality. The friendly and vivid atmosphere ensure this place provides an experience you won’t soon forget.

Seraser Fine Dining

This is one particular restaurant that truly takes advantage of the architecture devised by generations passed. The building is 300 years old, and provides a historical authenticity that others simply cannot match. There’s live piano music, hand crafted furniture and intriguing ornaments on display.

Seraser Fine Dining has a menu that is incredibly varied with both Turkish and international dishes. Home-made pasta and fillet steaks are seen as favourites among the guests, while there is also a delicious dessert menu that includes Vanilla Parfait, Cannolo Alla Siciliana and Dilly’s Legendary Chocolate Truffle.

Big Chef’s Café and Restaurant

Not unique to Antalya, Big Chef’s is actually a chain that has restaurants all over Turkey, with this specific venue opening in 2007. Again, they take advantage of the local ingredients available to them to devise a series of both Turkish and international food items. They also serve breakfast and have an individual menu for this purpose.

You don’t even have to be looking for something heavy, as there are plenty of lighter bites available. Soups, salads and sandwiches can be ordered – but if you’re really hungry, we recommend going for the burger (with bacon, cheese and egg) or some type of sizzling grill.

Il Vicino Pizzeria

It’s quite well documented that Italians are quite handy in the kitchen, and with the pizza they’ve developed something of immense quality. You’ll find a good pizzeria in any major city in the world, but few will come close to the standard of Il Vicino Pizzeria in Antalya.

Based in the centre of the city, this restaurant is a favourite of the locals. Not only is it extremely tasty, but the prices are more than accessible to those travelling on a budget. With friendly staff and a warm environment, this place shouldn’t be missed.

Karaf Wine Bistro

Located in an old Ottoman house, Karaf Wine Bistro is a great choice for anyone looking to immerse themselves in local history. Like Seraser Fine Dining, this restaurant offers its customers seating in rooms filled with antiques and souvenirs.

As the name suggests, people don’t just visit this establishment for the food (although it is fantastic), the selection of wines alone is enough to entice individuals and groups through the door. A number of wine-tasting events are hosted throughout the year, with a menu complimentary of this activity.

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