The Best Ways to Explore America on a Budget

The Best Ways to Explore America on a Budget

Although you may live in one place in America, the chances are you have never truly explored all the vast and various landscapes the country has to offer. There’s a lot to offer people, whether they’ve lived in the country all their lives or never been before. And you don’t have to spend a fortune either; the best explorations always happen on a shoestring budget.

Getting around and seeing different sites can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be if you make the effort to cut down on your costs. Give your wallet a break and embrace the free and easy things that you experience while travelling. Here are some great ways to see American without breaking the bank.

The Californian Coastline

California is great for so many reasons, but, for me, the best reason is the coastlines it has to offer. The shores and beaches are stunning, and some of the views you’ll encounter are just unbeatable.

The communities that you experience are wonderful too. Artisan and creative communities have always been linked to the Californian coastline. Try starting in the San Francisco Bay Area and work your way southwards through the Central Coast and down to the South Coast.

See the National Parks

You can get a pass that gives you access to all America’s national parks. This is great value because there are so many varied landscapes to explore, and you can spend a full day at a time inside them.

If you want to get active, get a bike from Circle City Bicycles and see Yellowstone National Park from the saddle of your bike. Cycling the National Parks is a great way to see them and stay fit at the same time.


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Stand in Awe Before the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon isn’t just one of the most impressive sites in America, but one of the most impressive in the world. You won’t find many places like it anywhere else on the planet.

You can stand there in awe, staring at it for a long time before you’ll get bored! The views are incredible and such sites are so much more enjoyable than any man-made attraction you’ll ever visit.

See Hollywood on a Budget

If there’s one place associated with riches, decadence and excess, it’s surely Hollywood. Ever since the first film-makers moved there for the light it offered them, that small section of Los Angeles has been inextricably linked to American cinema.

This might not strike you as the kind of place you’d visit when you want to see America on a budget. But wandering the streets, climbing the Hollywood hills and walking through Beverly Hills is great fun!

Try a Road Trip

The road trip is synonymous with America. That’s not the only reason you should see the country by car either; it’s a lot cheaper and more leisurely than travelling by plane. Get  a great car, a couple of friends, and you’ll have a great time.

You could even try driving from the east coast to the west coast or vice versa if you have the time and endurance. It’ll take you a long time, but it’ll give you a chance to see the whole country and stop off at different places along the way.

Don’t dismiss America when you’re deciding what to do this summer. As you now know, there’s so much on offer!


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