The Features You Need To Look For When Choosing A Pushchair for travelling

The Features You Need To Look For When Choosing A Pushchair for travelling

It is likely that if you already have young one and are planning a trip away with them, that you will already have a pushchair, pram or buggy.  However, if you are considering purchasing another one that is a bit more practical for travelling, then it makes sense to be aware of the features that you should be looking out for in pushchairs.  In the following post we will look at some of the most important features.

Although it is true that pushchairs are often a bit better to use with young children than buggies, they are not always the best for newborns.  This is because many of the pushchair models available d not have a completely flat backrest.  With this in mind you need to check that pushchairs you are interested in have an adjustable backrest or not.

Can You Adjust Which Way The Pushchair Faces?

Most newborn pushchairs are designed so that your baby can face you instead of the big, bad world.  This enables you to be sure that they are happy and comfortable as well as allowing you to make lots of eye contact with them.  If you want to buy a pushchair that will last a much longer time however, it would be a good idea to check if the seat can be reversed, so that your baby can check out the world when he is a little bit older.

Does It Give Your Baby A Smooth Enough Ride?

It may be that you are tempted to pick the lightest pushchair; this will not always guarantee that your baby will have a smooth ride.  This is especially important when your baby is still a newborn, as you don’t want them to be jolted around too much.  If you know you are going to be visiting places of all terrains it may be a good idea to by a pushchair suitable for this.  These models tend to have better suspension and thicker wheels to help give the smoothest ride possible, despite the terrain.

Is It Easy To Use And Fold?

Whether a pushchair is easy to fold and use is very important, regardless of whether you intend using it mainly for daily commutes into town or want to take it on holiday with you.  If a pushchair has a complicated mechanism to fold it and unfold it then this might slow you down if you can’t get your head round it.  It is also a good idea to check the dimension of the pushchair when it is folded, to make sure it fits inside your boot.

Is There Storage Space On-board?

When you are out shopping or heading to the park it can be handy to have on-board storage on your baby’s pushchair, leaving your hands free to steer and control the pushchair.  Always check that a particular model will have enough storage space for you and that it is easy to put things in and take them out again.

Is there storage?

It can be handy to dump shopping in your baby’s pushchair, so check out how much storage room there is. Make sure the shopping is easy to get out, too!

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