The Joy of a Classic Car – Without the Expense of Ownership



There is something eternally charming about classic cars. Many enthusiasts spend a lot of time and money keeping old cars on the road, for reasons and nostalgia and enjoyment, and the classic car movement in the UK is very strong indeed. There are many shows where you can go and see cars that are now rare and collectible – many of which may have been commonplace during their production years – and many thousands of people take great pleasure in showing their cars to others.

It may be that there is a car you drove in your younger days that you would like to experience again? Of, perhaps you remember a car your dad drove, and wonder what it was like? You can scour the adverts and online auction sites and find many interesting models, some at great prices, but buying and running a classic car, no matter how basic a model, can be expensive. Parts for even the most popular models are becoming hard to find, and an old car will need parts replacing constantly. There is an alternative to owning a classic car: hiring one from a specialist company with a wide choice of models.

Classic Car Hire Experts

What sort of classic are you eager to experience? Perhaps you want to drive a classic British sports car from the 1960’s, or maybe a large, luxury saloon such as a Jaguar or Mercedes? Indeed, the classic car, whatever the model, has gained a reputation as something of a status symbol of late, so being seen in a vintage model will certainly be worth your while! If you fancy hiring a classic, perhaps for a week of fun or to attend one of the many very popular classic car rallies, you need to check out the experts in classic and supercar hire London, Classic Parade.

They have a fantastic choice of classics including the majestic Jaguar XJ6 Coupe – one of the most beautiful cars of all time – plus the Austin Healey Sprite and MGB GT V8, both of which are true classics. You could also hire the quaint Fiat 500 or the more exotic Dino Spider, or one of a range of BMW’s and Mercedes. Classic Parade also hire a choice of modern exotica – everything from the astonishing Lamborghini Huracan to the big, bold and luxurious Bentley Continental GT. You can hire for a week, or for months, whatever your requirements.

Have Fun with Classics

The simple fact is this: classic cars are great fun, and provide a driving experience far-removed from your average modern daily driver, but they are expensive to run and require a lot of ongoing maintenance. By choosing to hire your classic, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance aspect, because it is done for you.

Hire a classic from Classic Parade and it will be delivered to you in pristine condition, fully maintained and ready to go, so have a look at the website now, or get in touch and see how they can help!

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