The Life of a Digital Nomad

The Life of a Digital Nomad

Many people dream of living and working while traveling, and high speed Internet is making this lifestyle possible for more and more entrepreneurs and professionals. Digital nomads, also known as tech nomads or location-independent professionals, are those who stay on the move and take their work with them. They are often writers, editors, photographers, graphics designers, software developers, web designers and other freelancers who conduct business exclusively over the Internet. Others are owners of international businesses who can handle their operations and personnel online. In recent years, online communities of digital nomads have sprung up in which professional travelers exchange tips, ideas and travel tales. Here are some important aspects of the life of a digital nomad.


Theoretically, a digital nomad can live anywhere, but one thing that is imperative is a high speed Internet connection. It is easy to find one in affluent areas such as North America, Europe and Japan, but trickier in countries where tech has not yet made such a significant inroad. However, in many parts of the world now, co-working places are being set up to cater to the needs of digital nomads. In the countries of the west, a co-working site, besides having Wi-Fi, might include desks, meeting rooms and other office facilities. In developing countries, co-working spaces might have Wi-Fi and an open counter under a bamboo roof. These locations are valuable not only for the necessary Internet connection, but for a chance to meet and mingle with other travelers, thus mitigating one of the drawbacks of traveling as a digital nomad, the fact that you are far from relatives and friends.

Time Management

One of the advantages of being a freelancer is setting your own schedule, but if you are still running a business or working for an international firm while traveling as a digital nomad, you need to communicate with those in other time zones. Scheduling business meetings can sometimes be tricky if you need to accommodate attendees from multiple time zones. Midday to you might be midnight to your business partner or client. You need to plan ahead and consider the scheduling needs of those you need to communicate with. In addition, for a digital nomad, as with any freelancer, your work is based on what you accomplish, not whether or not you show up. You need to be able to put in the hours and work efficiently and well by yourself. The advantage is that you can plan your own schedule to meet the needs of your work and travel.

Hardware and Software

Whether you have a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone with an attachable keyboard, your digital hardware is your desk and office. Opinions vary among digital nomads concerning which equipment works best when you are on the move, but all agree that it is imperative to travel light and be prepared for unforeseen contingencies. For example, you should carry international wall plug adaptors and an Ethernet adaptor for when the Wi-Fi is not doing the job. Most of the software you need is freely available on the Internet in Skype, Google Docs and various social media networks.

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