The Most Important Tool For Your Survival Kit

The Most Important Tool For Your Survival Kit


Let’s face it, when it comes down to basics, you might have nothing but the clothes on your back and your survival pack. You could make a list as long as your arm and beyond. But let’s imagine that you can only take with you just what you can carry in a small backpack. What is the one thing that you need over everything else? The one tool you need to survive in the short term. The one that really matters, is a knife.

Without this nothing else happens. That is a fact. A dependable knife lies just at the heart of everything you need to do. No one knife blade will do everything of course. But without it, let’s a face it, you don’t stand a chance. A knife will cut rope, assuming you have rope. If you don’t have rope a knife can help you make it. You know that you are going to need weapons of some description, and a knife is exactly what you will need to help you make them. Even something as basic as sharpening a stick is going to need a knife in order for you to do it. And a good sharp sturdy knife at that.



A knife will open packages just like that. If you’ve ever tried to pull apart a box or package covered with tape, then you will know exactly what I’m talking about. A folding knife is a pretty handy tool to have around. It’s fit right in your pocket and is great for any number of small tasks. If you had nothing else then a folding knife could be a useful choice. A knife will just slip through the packaging and get your food or supplies out.

What though if you had to hunt, kill and prepare you own food? That wild pig won’t find his way into the pot on his own. You’re going to need a knife and folding knife, as useful as it can be, is not going to be enough. You are going to need a fixed blade hunting knife. Take a look at some hunting knife reviews before deciding which one would most useful for you. They’d make a great gift incidentally.

Making a fire is easy. When you have waterproof matches and firelighters. Even then it can be a bit of a pain. What is the most basic way of making a fire? Well of course it’s friction between two pieces of wood. For that to happen you need one thing. A knife. Just that one item could bring you heat and the heat will give you food and warmth. A knife can do all of those things.

You’ll need some shelter out there, that’s a fact. In order to get a shelter in this scenario, you are going to have to build it. And for that to happen, at some point you are going to have to cut down trees. You’ll have to cut rope or tape and a knife is going to be the one single thing that will help you do it. You might argue that a machete would just about be perfect for that task and you’d be right. But to my way of thinking, a machete is just another form of knife. And thinking like that might just lead us onto an axe.

But you can’t cut a bandage with an axe! Well you could try but it might take some time. For me every time I’ll take the knife. It’s at the bottom of that pack of mine and the top of every survival kit list. Make sure it’s a good one. Make sure you look after it. Above all make sure you keep it sharp.


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