The Most Rewarding Ways to Enjoy the Thames

Did you know that the Thames City Centre is right at the Thames Valley? You can enjoy some truly eclectic views of the great river from here! Consider booking your accommodation at one of the hotels near Reading Station. Besides several interesting museums and places to explore, accommodation in Reading near Station would also be close to distinguished business centers like the Oracle Business Park and Green Park in Reading. The Reading Hospital and the Reading University are also prominent landmarks here.

The River is the Biggest Attraction Here

The Thames proves to be a major attraction for those choosing to reside at one of the hotels near Reading Station like Rainbows Lodge. It is the most famous River of this country and the longest one in England. Some of the best views of this river are in London and you just would not want to miss them. Some of the best ways in which you can enjoy here include:

  • Take the River Cruise: If you really wish to enjoy some of the best views of this city, taking a Thames river cruise is the best thing to do. Unparalleled sights are on offer here. There are about four points from which you can board and alight, starting from the Houses of Parliament right up to the financial district. Everything that lies in between is actually on the platter! Make sure you carry your camera along. You are surely going to need it.
  • Go Boating: Boating is an equally fulfilling experience! You can hire a private boat or choose one of the larger ones and simply float around across the city. Boats have key drop off points like the London Eye for instance. So, you can actually enjoy some sightseeing and get dropped off at your place of choice.
  • Go Fishing: If you are seriously interested in fishing, this is a great opportunity. You can book your fishing trips in advance. The tour providers will be guiding you through the necessary preparations. You even have anglers meant for the physically challenged. If you have kids, you can take them along for your fishing escapades. And remember, if you love your planet, the “catch and release” method is the best. The idea is to “enjoy” not to “kill”.
  • Take a Stroll by the Banks: This is perhaps the most relaxing and also the more rewarding of all. And, if you have chosen to stay at one of hotels near Reading Station,this activity becomes easily accessible. Simply walk down the serene banks and enjoy the sights and smells. You can witness cruises and boats floating by. Swans are there too! And, you can even feed them for your pleasure! Just take care and maintain safe distance. Make sure you carry your camera along as well! The views are to die for.

When you are living near Reading Station and near Oracle Shopping Centre, a bit of retail therapy would also be on the cards! Just plan and trip and de-stress!



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