The Travelling Vaper’s Guide to E-cig Laws around the World

While they’re one of the hottest trends of the year, the laws regarding the use of electronic cigarettes can by somewhat vague, as the product is still relatively new in many countries. People who vape generally know the laws about ecigs in their own city or even the country in which they live, but if you’re planning to travel the world you don’t want to get caught out when it comes to the rules and regulations about using electronic cigarettes in public places. Before you go jet setting around the globe, take a quick read of our guide to e-cig laws around the world.


The vast array of European countries can make it a bit difficult to decipher the laws, particularly if you’re frequently crossing borders on your holiday. The United Kingdom is home to one of the largest populations of Vaper’s in the world and so the laws here are pretty clear. Electronic cigarettes are absolutely legal in the UK and are not confined by the current smoking laws. As with most countries around the world, the purchase of electronic cigarettes is limited to those over the age of 18.

Other counties around Europe that have legalized electronic cigarettes for personal use include; Switzerland, Romania, Portugal, Poland, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Hungary & Germany (just to name a few).

United States & Australia

Electronic cigarettes have been the source of much debate in the US since 2010, when the FDA attempted to implement laws for the product under the same structure as those regarding tobacco products. The classification went through the American legal system and was eventually overturned in 2011, ruling that the FDA cannot place restrictions on electronic cigarettes as they do not contain any tobacco. Due to the lack of Federal Laws regarding the use of electronic cigarettes, many states around the country have implemented their own laws, so be sure to check the regulations for your intended destination prior to travelling.

Australia follows similar laws to the United States, in the way that regulations are highly dependent on the state in which you are travelling. Laws will also vary greatly for electronic cigarettes with nicotine and those without, so be sure to keep this in mind when holidaying. More and more e-cig companies, including the newly launched BLACKHAWX, are coming into the picture, however, creating greater increased popularity for the product and, in turn, greater awareness and understanding.

Remember to be Cautious & Respectful

When it all comes down to it, a lot to do with the rules surrounding electronic cigarettes are often left in hands of the proprietor of any given establishment. If you’re travelling and in unknown territory, it’s always better to check with the locals about the appropriate and acceptable places to vape, particularly if you’re in a restaurant or shopping centre.

As we said before, electronic cigarettes are quite a new product on the market, so always be aware that not everyone will grasp the concept of ‘vaping’ rather than ‘smoking’ – in many cases this is due to the smoke like affect that is produced by the water vapor in your e-cig. Travel with caution, take your electronic cigarette, have an amazing adventure and follow the guidelines above to avoid any trouble or confusion!

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