The Trip of a Lifetime at Ningaloo Reef



Everybody has an ambition that they want to achieve in their lifetime; it might be something practical such as having a child, or getting a job you deserve. Or, it could be something exciting and fun, such as visiting a particular place or enjoying a certain experience. As for places to visit, we are lucky to live on a planet with a massive amount of diversity in terms of landscapes, animals and other wildlife, and when you begin to think about it, a great deal of the most astonishing and amazing of our living creatures exist in the seas and oceans.

Seeing wild animals in a zoo or safari park setting is not the same as experiencing them in the wild, in their natural habitat. This is even more so when we consider the great creatures of the oceans, those that live beneath the surface and come up only occasionally. The chance to swim with some of these is something that you simply cannot miss, and it’s a very real opportunity if you visit the Ningaloo Reef, a stunning part of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Western Australia.

Swimming with Whale Sharks

Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to experience, up close and in their natural habitat, magnificent whale sharks that let you swim alongside? That’s just one of the many exciting things you can do if you take a trip to the Ningaloo Reef. If you check out the website you will find all the information you could possibly need on how you – and your family – can enjoy an experience that is quite unlike anything else.

Despite their name, whale sharks are a placid creature, posing no threat or harm to man, and those in the Ningaloo area are quite used to people swimming and diving among them. The younger ones can be quite playful, in fact, and these glorious, serene and intelligent fish – the biggest species of fish in the world – will provide you with endless entertainment. Put simply, if you can swim, you can take a trip on the Ningaloo Whaleshark-N-Dive boat, the Aliikai, and witness these quite spectacular creatures up close, and even the kids can swim with the whale sharks, so docile they are.

Enjoy the Experience

During your trip on the boat you will be accompanied by a Marine Biologist, who will educate and inform you about whale sharks, plus the many other wonderful sea creatures you may be able to watch. If in season, you may even see majestic humpbacked whales, amazing manta rays and playful dolphins, as well as the many turtles that inhabit the reef and surrounding area.

The Ningaloo Reef is genuinely unique, and few places in the world offer you such an opportunity to swim with creatures as astonishing as these. Check out the website now for more information on what you can see and do in the bay, and book yourself and your family a holiday that you will never forget.

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