The Ultimate Sporting Holiday Guide

The Ultimate Sporting Holiday Guide

Holidays can be something of humdrum affairs. No one wants to keep going on the same package deal every year. Variety is the spice of life. So, with this in mind, you need to start looking at alternative ways to travel. Sporting holidays have become popular once again. There is a vast choice available to the intrepid explorer. Little wonder more people are shunning the sunshine break and indulging in other kinds of holidays.

Are you stuck for travel inspiration in the next year? If you need something of a helping hand in where to travel and what to do, you are in the right place. You need to ensure that you are travelling to suit your needs.

Forgo the beach towel. It’s time to get sporty this holiday.


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Skiing in France

Skiing in France is one of the most popular kinds of sporting holidays. With such a vast terrain in France, little wonder so many people flock there every year to go off piste. The gorgeous wintry sun will warm you through. But, be prepared for an eventful holiday. Skiing requires a tremendous level of fitness. Do ensure that you have Protectivity Insurance prior to travelling. You are going to need it. You can sift through a wide range of packages online. There are holidays aimed at novices and for the more expert among us. What could be nicer than looking out a wintry paradise before hurtling yourself down a mountain?

Skiing is becoming more affordable, too. This is great news for those that want to try something new and beat the humdrum holidays of yesteryear.

Golfing in Dubai

For the ultimate golfing experience, head to Dubai. It’s a millionaire’s playground and is one of the best places to play golf in the world. The golf resorts in Dubai are a lot different to the clubs in the UK. If you are keen to test out the green in the Middle East, this is the place to do it. The great thing about Dubai is that you can guarantee the good weather. While the laws may not be as relaxed as the UK, it’s a great place to tee off.

The greens are surrounded by palm trees and city scenes. Skyscrapers and flora can exist in harmony. The views are nothing short of stunning. Plus, Dubai offers world class resorts. Many of these are situated along the coast and near shopping malls. The most popular golf resorts are located near the Palm Atlantis Island.

Safari Boating in the Philippines

Even if you are not the most experienced captain, boating in the Philippines is an excellent way to check out the wildlife. It is in abundance in this rich biodiverse part of the world. Many of the smaller islands off the Philippines are akin to desert islands. This is great for checking out unspoilt scenery, while gently sailing a small boat.

The sun, scenery and rich wildlife are sure to enthral the masses. Palm-fringed, white sands are a significant appeal in this kind of holiday. You can even spend the night in huts for a truly authentic Filipino experience. What a way to see the world.

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