Tips to Organize a Successful and Economical Conference

Tips to Organize a Successful and Economical Conference

Optimum utilization of resources is the key to successful management. So, if you are heading towards organizing a conference, make sure you take a holistic approach, wherein you focus on effective communication, knowledge enhancement and satisfaction of your audience, and all that within a budget.

If  you want the words ‘reasonable,’ ‘ high quality’ and ‘satisfaction’ to all fit in your platter, then choose conference rooms with accommodation in St Albans at reputed places like Quality Hotel St Albans Hertfordshire and see how easily you can accommodate your guests with comfort without compromising on the effectiveness of the convention venue.

Tips to Organizing a Successful Conference Cost-Effectively

Working on a low budget does not have to imply a compromise on the quality of the experience, if you work smart. Here are the guidelines to do so.

  1. Conceptualization: Get started by zeroing in on the theme of the discussion. Get a hold of the market buzz and use it effectively. For instance, if you are organizing an event for the top management, consider topics like lean management, QC tools, Six Sigma and so on. The idea here is to choose a theme that interests the target audience.
  1. Audience: Choose the addressees on the basis of either of two approaches. Target mass audiences by keeping your entry fee low or at zero, thus reaching out to larger audiences or focus on a niche segment with either a higher entry fee or attendance only via invitations.
  1. Deciding the right venue: The venue absorbs the major chunk of your budget. So, decide wisely and book a conference room with accommodation in St. Albans to make all guests coming in from out of town comfortable. There are some cheap conference venues in St Albans with parking facilities that do not compromise on quality.
  1. Invite free speakers: Prepare a list of exceptional presenters from nearby areas, like St Albans or Hertfordshire, and offer perks other than payments, such as free stay, transportation facilities or promoting their expertise in all your marketing campaigns.
  1. Find partners and sponsors: Pair up with vendors who offer best quality services at competitive price for catering, audio-visual aids and so on. Look out for sponsors for the event to take care of your expenses. For instance, if you are organizing a managerial forum, liaison with companies providing consultation or training to management professionals.
  1. Free marketing: Instead of paying for marketing activities, look out for options that are equally effective but are free of cost, such as launching a website on or WordPress or creating social presence through free social networking site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
  1. Hiring interns: Instead of hiring experienced professionals for design, coordination, decoration, event management or audio-visual settings, you can consider hiring interns from reputed institutes. They can bring in lots of fresh ideas and will work for you for a certificate or for a small sum as a stipend.

Just make sure you focus on creating an experience so that your audience remembers you for a long time to come. Don’t forget to book conference rooms in St Albans well in time to avoid any last minute hassles.


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