Top 7 Packing Tips


Once you have all the RV accessories on your list, the hard part of packing presents itself. What do you really need and how much space do you have for that? It becomes even more difficult to know that, while you travel, you will not be able to carry with you all the items that make you comfortable. Fret not, for we have a list of the best tips for you.

  1. Have a packing list

The best way to avoid forgetting some items will be writing everything you need for your trip on a list. A random list is not a good idea. Rather, have the random one then start making priorities of what you need most. You will realize that you have quite a good list of essential items at the top of the list.

  1. Roll rather than ​fold clothes

The best thing to do with your clothes is to roll them and store them in vacuum packs. The first advantage with this is that it saves on lots of space. You can thus pack more of your favorite clothes. Secondly, you will have clothes that look less creased once you arrive at your destination.

  1. Avoid dead spaces

Dead spaces are the small spaces in corners, inside shoes and between items. The best way to make use of them would be using small items. You ​can roll up socks, ties, underwear, chargers and other little items and squeeze into them. Besides making use of all spaces, you will have a more solid pack that does not have items jumping to one side and the other as you move about.

  1. Employ ziplock bags

If you’ve been travelling through security for a while, there are chances that you will always have issues digging out small electronics such as cameras, chargers, toys and even medicines. Rather than go through all that hassle, why not put ziplock bags to use and have these items checked on this own? It would be easy going through the security and finding these items when you need them.

  1. Go minimalist

Most trips will need you to carry along a map, some cards and other items. If you have to do that (carry physical maps), then just photocopy certain needed pages. The best way, however, would be getting yourself apps that you can even interact with on a live basis. You will have less items to drag around and just focus on having fun.

  1. Use cling-film

You must have experienced leaked shampoo, shower gels and even lotions with some drinks getting popped open and baptizing your clothes in their sweet scent. To avoid suffering from this ordeal, open the liquids and lotions, add cling-film on the open ends and replace the tops. Finish that off with adding tape to seal off the joint between the cap and the bottle. You’re safe.

  1. Go light

Most of us get too excited for their travels so much that we want to pack the best of everything. The problem is that you will likely go for a heavy suitcase, thick coats and such. If you do your packing well, you will find out that you don’t need most of the things your dreamy self thinks you want. You can go for foldable bags and multipurpose items to save you money and space on your trip.

With these tips, you will be able to enjoy your trip more by spending less time cleaning up the clutter and by spending less. This time, you will recall the name of that tour guide since you worried less about your luggage and more on the experience.


Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.

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