The Top Outdoor Adventure Spots for Hunting and Fishing

The Top Outdoor Adventure Spots for Hunting and Fishing

Are you sick of the same old fishing hole ten miles down the road? If you’ve got the time, money, and ambition, you absolutely must consider going on one of these outdoors adventures for the avid hunters and fisherman.

If the wife says let’s go to Cancun, you say how about Cape Town in South Africa to watch great whites. Do something extraordinary for your next vacation. Stop following relatives to overpopulated beaches and tourist hot spots. Maybe a hunting trip isn’t for the whole family, but the natural wonders waiting to be seen at these locations astound any person.

1. South Africa Trophy Hunting

Have you ever wanted to hunt big game? Were you thinking about bears, moose, bobcats, and elk? Well, take that vision one step further to go trophy hunting in South Africa. Book a trip to South Africa to hunt over 25 various diverse species. Sound like an adventure?

Benefit from professional guides who lead you to the various spots to hunt such animals as zebra, wildebeest, and impala. When at a ranch, don’t forget to bring more than enough ammo to take down one of these majestic beasts. For whatever ammunition you need, maybe checkout  You surely won’t encounter any of these animals in the United States.

2. Great White Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Do you want to hang with the world’s deadliest predator? Don’t fret, there will be no box jellyfish on this adventure. If you’ve taken the earlier advice to go big game hunting in South Africa, you’d be a fool not to see the Great White sharks off the coast.

You don’t have to go cage diving with great whites. But then again, telling your buddies about how you survived with a great white inches of your body is an unbelievable tale and once in a lifetime experience.

3. Fishing in a Malaysian Rainforest

Pack your fishing gear, prepare for hot and humid weather, and book a flight to Malaysia. Visit the Royal Belum Forest Reserves for an unusual fishing adventure. If you’re a seasoned or novice fly fisherman, this trip will challenge you physically and mentally. You’ll be surrounded by natural jungle in either Kenyir Jungle or Wild Temenggor.

You can go day fishing in Wild Temenggor in this rainforest, which boasts the 2nd largest body of fresh water. Also, the Keyir Jungle boasts the largest freshwater body reserve in South East Asia where you can fish in the flooded rainforest in various remote locations for a little peace and quiet in the jungle.

4. Unique Fishing in Australia

Australia boasts a coastline that is known for some exciting sport fishing. Professional fisherman from all over the world travel to this continent for a chance to catch giant trevally, sharks, barramundi, or any one of the 250 recorded species in these waters.

If you’re searching for a quiet and untouched waters away from most of the tourist fisherman, then maybe you should travel north of Sydney to South West Rocks in New South Wales. This undisturbed and quaint fishing village will finally provide the solitude you treasure while fishing.

5. Alligator Hunting in Louisiana

If you’ve grown tired of duck hunting or whitetail hunting, then maybe a trip south to where the Mississippi River meets Atchafalaya and Red Rivers might give you the needed thrill to spice your life. Rather than go traveling to a new city, hunt alligators, wild hogs, doves, and if you’re still in the mood, ducks.

You won’t experience anything quite as unique as hunting alligators. These fierce reptiles will have you on your toes the entire trip. They aren’t as large or scary as a saltwater crocodile, but they are deadly.

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