Top RV Camping Tips For First Timers

Top RV Camping Tips For First Timers


Camping trips are an incredible experience to share with your partner, a small group of friends or your entire family. They encourage you to explore and be adventurous by bringing you closer to nature. But camping in a tent is not for everybody, and that is why RV camping has seen such a surge in popularity. It adds a touch of luxury and home comforts to your camping trip that makes it, even more, enjoyable. Plus it gives you the freedom to easily travel around and protects you from the elements. Before heading off on your first RV camping trip, use these top tips to prepare you.



Get some storage

It doesn’t matter if you’re renting an RV or just bought a brand new one from an RV dealer. You will always need as much storage as possible for your trip. If you have never experienced any kind of camping before, you may be unaware of how much you need to take with you for any eventuality. So having plastic boxes and bags in varying sizes are a must. They will keep your items neatly separated making it easier to unpack and organise your RV. Collapsible boxes are even better as they take up little room and can be assembled as and when you need them. Having some storage solutions will be incredibly handy and will keep the inside of your vehicle neat and organised.

Be smart with your packing

When packing for your trip, it can be tempting to put your belongings and equipment in any cupboard or drawer available. But it’s always best to pack your larger, heavier items lower down and lighter items higher up. This will help to balance the RV as you drive and prevent things from shifting about. Having equipment and your belongings being thrown out of cabinets as drawers as you drive can cause damage and create hazards. So be smart with your placements when you pack.

Stock up on the essentials

Making sure your RV is stocked up with snacks and drinks before you leave is essential. Instant coffee, tea bags and powdered milk are ideal for a quick caffeine fix. Also, remember to pack plenty of bottled water too just in case there is no fresh water available nearby. Dry foods such as chips and cookies will also be perfect for long hours driving on the road. You can also prepare some meals at home beforehand that you can take with you to enjoy when you reach your destination. If you arrive late at night or early in the morning, you may not find anywhere that is open to grab a bite to eat. So pre-prepared meals will be useful things to have with you. Also, remember to stock up on fresh food as and when you can to avoid costly trips to restaurants each day.

Even though this will be your first RV camping experience, these tips will make you feel like you’ve been doing it for years. It’s a fabulous experience that you will enjoy immensely if you do plenty of planning beforehand.


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