Top Things to Do for Free in Central London

Top Things to Do for Free in Central London

The capital of England, London, is popular for combining modern and traditionally cultures. The capital has a lot of places to see, such as Victorian style architecture, contemporary lifestyle, historic landmarks and museums. You can take the Heathrow Express to popular destinations like Buckingham Palace, Madame Tussauds, Westminster Abbey and Kensington Palace. If you are on a tight budget, there are number things you can do for free too. It is also a good idea to look for affordable hotels in Central London.

Popular Free Tourist Attractions in London

Before you can decide on what to while in London, make sure you book the best cheap and budget hotel in Central London near Paddington Station and Hyde Park, such as Paddington Hotel London. This will ensure that you have a comfortable stay without having to go over-budget. Now, you are all set to have fun.

Here is a list of the top free places to visit in London.

  • British Museum: This popular museum exhibits diverse artwork from around the world. You can see art exhibitions from modern to prehistoric times. The main highlights of the British Museum are the Parthenon sculpture, ancient Egyptian mummies and Rosetta stone. This is a popular tourist attraction for those interested in art and culture. Entry is free for everyone; however certain exhibitions may require tickets.
  • National Gallery: History lovers can visitthe National Gallery and find Western European paintings and artwork from the 13th to 19th centuries. There is no charge for entry but certain exhibitions may require tickets. The paintings in the iconic gallery are of renowned artists, such as da Vinci, Titian, Van Gogh, Constable, Stubbs and many more.
  • National History Museum: Animal lovers will be delighted to trace the history of the rarest animals at the National History Museum. Upon entering, you will come face to face with the exoskeleton of a dinosaur. Other highlights include a spider that is 40 million years old, a life-sized blue whale and the remains of the biggest and tallest dinosaurs. The museum has a beautiful central hall leading to various exhibitions and galleries. There is no entry fee but special exhibitions may require tickets.
  • The London Eye: This is a major attraction that stands out amidst the London skyline. You may have seen The London Eye in a number of movies but experiencing this ride in reality is a totally different affair. The London Eye has 32 capsules, each accommodating up to 25 people. Climb aboard and soak in some of the best views of the city in just 30 minutes. It is a good idea to book a Central London Hotel while in the city, since the Heathrow Express offers cheap and quick commutes to a number of attractions.

Book a Central London hotel today and gain access to all of London’s free and paid places to visit. Those who are on a tight budget can even visit other attractions like the Tower of London, Knightsbridge or Science Museum. Do not forget to research well for cheap & budget hotels in Central London.

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