Top Tips For A Cycling Holiday In France

Top Tips For A Cycling Holiday In France

If you are looking for adventure, then you may also be looking for action. Booking an activity filled holiday isn’t always easy. Most of us find more than one of the activities on offer are not quite to our taste. Of course, if you have a passion for one or two of them, you can make your entire holiday all about them. If you don’t mind the weather, and you don’t mind plenty of fresh air and stunning scenery, then a cycling holiday could be all the activity you are looking for.

There are several ways of taking on a cycling holiday. You can choose to include a little cycling over one or two days as part of a wider package. Or you can choose to make the bicycle your sole mode of transport while you are away. There are plenty of options in between as well. For most, the thrill of getting on the bike in one place and pedalling away until you reach the other side, is what they are after.

For some people, a lot of planning is required to make sure there are plenty of comfortable stops along the way. The finger on the map approach is great for the hardcore traveller, but some of us like to know where we are going are what we are likely to encounter on the way. For a cycling holiday, it truly is all about the journey, with the destination merely representing the end of the holiday.

A truly remarkable cycling holiday in France can see you take in chateaux and castles, or vineyards and canals. There are coastal paths to explore, as well as the Luberon National Park. The choice is yours. There are some wonderful websites to help you plan these adventures. If you Google things like hookedon cycling holidays in France, you can choose from a variety of routes taking in a variety of French sites.

If you are looking to tour some castles in France, you can certainly make the most of the Loire Valley. This is one of France’s most beloved regions for its beauty and fascinating history. You can choose to head out to each from one hotel or base point. Alternatively, cycle from one to the next and enjoy different accommodation each night. Your choices of accommodation range from three-star hotels to campsites and bed and breakfasts.

Visiting castles in France is a great way to see more of this beautiful country. Castles often sit in the most scenic and well-manicured gardens making the journey by bicycle very worthwhile. You can choose a guided tour, or take on a self-guided tour at a lesser price. You are given maps and bicycle hire from your base point. Breakfast and an evening meal could also be provided when you get back. Some of the routes are circular so you can see even more of this fascinating region. Of course, you can plan your holiday and routes entirely yourself.

Cycling through France, or anywhere, completely off plan can be very exciting. It is not for the faint-hearted and would require some contingencies and backup plans, particularly if you are travelling alone. Smartphones can often provide most of what we need. They can give us GPS or satellite navigation to where we want to be, and of course pinpoint exactly where we are! Smartphones can be used to translate phrases when we need to ask for help. You can also identify where the nearest hotels, cafes and bike repair shops are too.

The trouble with smartphones is the battery. If you are relying on your mobile phone, you really should pack extra battery power. Try to ensure you are staying somewhere that you can recharge your batteries overnight. Mobile phones provide so much convenience and information at your fingertips. It is easy to feel that you are relying on technology too much, instead of enjoying the thrill of venturing out on your own. The other problem with mobile or cell phones is that you often hit signal black spots when you are in rural areas. For this reason, it is sometimes best to plot some key areas with resources on a paper map, should you come up against any difficulties.

A cycling holiday in France gives you so much opportunity to really see the country. There are some beautiful landscapes to see and wonderful places to visit that wouldn’t be included in a hotel-based package holiday. If you wanted to see more of the wine country, you could try to tackle the Burgundy region. There is an excellent Green Way cycle track through this area allowing you to take in some of the best vineyards in this famous region. There is also a unique Louis XIII period castle to explore on the way.

If island life is more your thing, you can always travel on to Corsica for extraordinary landscapes and views. This island is known as the Mountain in the Sea. It is quite hilly! This holiday venture would be better suited to those with a medium to high level of fitness as it can be quite hard to make your way over the more mountainous areas. But for the effort put in, the views are certainly worth it. The whole island has so many beautiful things to see and exudes a special character not found on the mainland. If you are a keen cyclist and you want a great climate and superb cycling experience, then Corsica may be the option for you.


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Wherever you cycle in France, you will see beautiful landscapes and a place steeped in history. Among ruins and castles, you will find many small villages where life is simple and happy. It can be so rural and quiet, that you can quickly forget which century you are in, especially on a bike. For the ultimate holiday, a cycling holiday provides fresh air and exercise like no other. It also provides access to parts of France you ordinarily wouldn’t get to see. Most importantly, you can enjoy all that tasty French cuisine completely guilt free!

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