Toronto, Ontario, Canada: One Of North America’s Fine Dining Capitals

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: One Of North America’s Fine Dining Capitals

There are a whole host of reasons to visit Toronto, from its stunning boutiques to its gorgeous museums and art galleries, but whether you are in Toronto to witness the landmarks or simply take in some shopping, you cannot deny the fact that this city has more to offer than almost any other in North America. Take, for example, the city’s dining scene. This city is home to some truly unique culinary experiences, including al-fresco restaurants, upscale dining venues, diverse eateries, and even family owned mom-and-pop places you can discover on a whim and end up loving forever. Everywhere, you will find good food, amazing hospitality, and excellent drinks to choose from.

Toronto’s vibrant restaurant scene offers loads of choices in traditional and ethnic restaurants. You will find everything from small tapas bars to classic dim sum restaurants and even things like traditional barbeque restaurants all throughout the city! A place like Kensington Market, which is just a few miles from Toronto’s chief business and entertainment hub, offers loads of restaurants, bars, and eateries to select from. You will not only find classic American fare, but also some authentic fusion cuisine in this neighbourhood. Close by, you’ll find one of the largest and most authentic Chinatowns in North America, as well as Toronto’s stunning Little Italy and Little Portugal neighbourhoods. If your heart craves from some authentic confections, then it’s a short walk to any of the city’s many bakeries, cafes or boutique restaurants to enjoy some homemade sweet treats.

If you want to continue your culinary experience back at your hotel, then obviously you have to forgo the traditional chains that most people end up falling victim to when they travel to a new city. It’s easy to just book a stay at a plain old hotel, but that means you’re forgoing an authentic travel experience for bland hotel food and boring snacks. A boutique destination like the Drake Hotel is where you want to go if you want to experience everything Toronto has to offer not just when you’re walking around the city, but when you’re hanging out back in your room.

The best thing about the Drake Hotel is that doesn’t just offer uniquely furnished and well-appointed rooms – it’s also home to several restaurants and bars that are just as popular with locals as they are with visitors, tourists and guests! The hotel features a café as well as a larger restaurant and several different bars that serve a mix of innovative drinks and snacks. To offer as much variety as possible, the restaurant’s menu ( changes seasonally, based on what’s available in local markets – though you can always rely on there being a a prix-fixe menu and special brunches offered all week as well. Those looking for some casual fare will find great food and drink choices at the bars and restaurants located right inside their hotel. The chefs here at this hotel concoct an awe-inspiring menu, filled with dishes made from fresh local produce, spices, herbs, and ingredients. Whether you’re traveling solo, on a romantic vacation, or even just visiting on business, you’ll find yourself blown away by the selection available here. Enjoy your Toronto experience!

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