Travel By Air and Road with These Awesome Flydrive Destinations

Travel By Air and Road with These Awesome Flydrive Destinations

With all the forms of transport available, travelling the world is easier than ever. You can fly, take a train or boat, and if you have a licence, you can drive. One of the most popular things to do is to combine a long-haul flight with car hire. You can reach your destination by plane, and then get the vehicle of your choice for an epic road trip. It enables people to do legendary journeys like Route 66 and have complete control. If you’re interested in a “flydrive” holiday, there are lots of incredible places you can see. Try some of these countries for an excellent experience.


The United States is the mother of all destinations for a fly and drive trip. Its vastness and diversity mean there’s something for everyone. There are several journeys that are famous, like the legendary Route 66, which is a must for many. You can visit the west coast and explore the Pacific Northwest. Drive through Washington, Oregon and California. Or you could travel through the south, experiencing their rich culture, history and, of course, music. Anyone looking for a family holiday can go to Florida too, and enjoy all the things there are to do in Orlando. No matter what you like seeing and doing on your travels, you’ll find a journey that suits you in America.


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A lot of people look at safaris as something you do with a guide. But you can have an independent trip where you get to decide where to go and what to do. Botswana is one of the best countries to see some incredible wildlife. If you want to go on a flydrive holiday, Safari Drive explains how you can achieve it and how to stay safe. You may be a bit worried about going off on your own, but if you use your common sense and follow some guidelines, you’ll be just fine. If you choose a company to help you organise your trip, they will look after you.


There’s nothing like visiting an island and having the freedom to explore it yourself. If you’re thinking about going to the Caribbean, don’t hide away in a resort. There’s a lot to explore in Barbados, and you’ll miss out by sticking to the tourist spots. By hiring a car, you’ll be able to get around, and you can still enjoy the incredible beaches. With the freedom to go where you like, you could discover things that everyone else misses out on. Maybe you’ll stumble upon an amazing café, meet some wonderful people or spot some wildlife.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best places to explore on a fly and drive trip. If you enjoy driving, you’ll love it even more when you’re surrounded by the country’s amazing scenery. There are some fantastic natural sites to see, and plenty of towns to visit and things to do as well. For a great experience, plan to spend at least a couple of weeks there.

Flydrive trips give you the freedom to explore the whole world at your leisure. And remember that it’s not just about where you stop, but the journey to get there too.

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