Traveling with Natural Hair

Traveling with Natural Hair

Getting ready to travel with natural hair may require a bit of serious forethought, but it is well worth the effort. If you aren’t prepared, you may end up being disappointed with how your hair looks. On the flip side, if you plan ahead and bring all of the items needed to take care of your hair and to create your favorite hair styles, you will most likely look and feel your very best.

Make It Easy

To get started, make a list of how you plan to wear your hair each day. Choose hairstyles that are easy to do and that you have done before. Save complicated hairstyles and experiments for another time, since you never know how they will turn out. According to the Puig Hair Restoration Center, a company that has treatment options for balding, when choosing hairstyles, remember to consider the weather, your activities, and what you will be wearing.

Ready, Set, Pack

To avoid forgetting what you will need for your hair, designate a special hair-gear bag for carrying all of your hair tools and products and pack it long before your trip. Make sure to choose a bag that closes securely. Stock the bag with the items below to ensure that you have everything you need at your fingertips. You may have other items that you like to use, too, but these are the basics.

Essential Travel Items

Avocado Oil and Swag Oil: Although any good oil will work, a mixture of avocado oil and “swag oil”—a coconut oil and olive oil blend—is a multi-purpose oil that can be used to moisturize your hair, face and body. A multi-purpose oil will save luggage space and keep your hair and skin beautiful.

Bristle Brush: Bring a bristle brush to use with a bit of water and moisturizer to tame unruly bits of hair. However, remember to use it sparingly, since bristle brushes can sometimes damage hair.

Hair Clips: You may want to use them when you shampoo and condition your hair during your trip. Although they probably won’t be used much for styling purposes, these items are good to have on hand.

Medium and Large Size Bobby Pins: Bobby pins are handy for a variety styles, including twist outs. Use them to change the style of a twist out or to help create a gorgeous pinup or bun.

Nylon Knee-Highs and Pantyhose: Use these items to easily create beautiful puffs and high buns. You can use them to smooth and secure these styles without hair breakage caused by tension.

Ponytail Holders and Headbands: Both of these accessories can be used to achieve easy, sleek hair styles. They are an excellent tool for keeping hair off your face and out of your way.

Satin Headscarf: As everyone knows, this item is a natural hair-care staple. Never leave home without it.

Vegetable Glycerin: A natural emollient and humectant, vegetable glycerin is an ideal product for moisturizing, softening and re-twisting natural hair. Just mix a bit of it with water, massage into your hair, and you are ready to style your hair. Remember, it doesn’t take much!

Water Bottle (Empty): Mix the vegetable glycerin and water in this bottle after arriving at your destination. Keeping vegetable glycerin in its original container during travel is wise, since doing so keeps it from possibly spilling in luggage.

Wide Tooth Comb: This a perfect detangling and styling tool. It can be safely used on wet or dry hair.

Time to Travel

If you plan ahead and keep your special hair-gear bag stocked at all times, you will be ready to travel at any given moment. And your natural hair will look good wherever you go!

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