The Ultimate, Alternative Holiday Destinations Guide for 2014

 With thanks to Francisco Anzola for this photo of Nizwa Fort

Holidays should not be humdrum. They should be exciting from start to finish. From the desk research you conduct for suitable destinations, from booking, packing and eventually leaving for your flight, all of this should be exciting and interesting.

The problem seems to lie in that we can get stuck in a holiday rut. We all have a favourite destination, and due to this we can often find ourselves booking similar holidays year on year.

 The world is a big place. It is varied and offers a whole host of wonderful destinations for you to make new memories. The dilemma is: Where do you?

This guide should help you make an informed choice of the ultimate alternative holiday destinations for 2014.


Oman, nestled in the Middle East, certainly hasn’t been pillaged by the well-worn tourist trail. This up and coming tourist destination is a hidden jewel in the Middle East. With spectacular scenery, with gorgeous mountains coupled with the searing heat, certainly makes this a quirky alternative to the Costas. Oman is home to a multitude of archaeological sites and ancient forts, that make you feel like you’ve stepped into Indiana Jones movie. Nizwa Fort, built in the 16th century, is an exceptional place to visit and is an absolute must should you visit the region and is the most visited monument in Oman.


Warsaw, for some unbeknown reason, is largely ignored by tourists and more fool them. Warsaw is still recovering from previous wars and the aftermath of the Iron Curtain, but is redeveloping at a slow and positive rate. Warsaw is home to a whole host museums, largely relating to its war-torn past. The Museum of the History of Polish Jews is located in the former ghettos and tells the tale of the sad history of Polish Jews from the region. Incredibly moving and utterly heartbreaking, it is well worth a visit solely for the historical perspective.


 Toronto is the epitome of Canadian cool. Toronto plays host to some amazing attractions. Casa Loma, a gothic style revival house, is now a museum. The Canadian castle is simply majestic and is rich in elegance and history as well as being home to five acres of stunning gardens. The Distillery District should also be on your to do list when visiting Toronto, especially for those who enjoy a tipple or two. The historic centre has fermenting cellars and the famous Beer Boutique. Should you like your holidays as a less boozy affair, the Distillery District also offers coffee shops, art galleries and quirky shops. Take a look at Broome Holidays for inspiration.

 Broome, Kimberley

 For the lesser known parts of Australia, Broome is the perfect alternative to the hustle and bustle of Sydney. It is considered the last great wilderness of Australia and is home to a plethora of off-beat day trips. Horizontal Falls is an amazing natural feature and while technically is a waterfall, it is anything but. Broome is for the more adventurous of travellers and is not to be missed. Take a look at Broome Holidays for inspiration.

 The perfect holiday is one you haven’t been on yet and by taking a different route to that of the well-trodden tourist trail, you can truly make some unique holiday memories of your own.

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