What Makes Boutique Hotels so Popular

Did you know that boutique hotels originated in the 1980s in major cities like London, New York and San Francisco? These hotels have rooms ranging from 10 to 100, and are furnished in interesting themes that could have a modern or historical touch. If you are looking forward to experiencing the culture and cuisine of London, these accommodation facilities could offer an ideal choice.

The intimate and comfortable setting at a very competitive price is something you do not expect from London luxury hotels but when you try their services, like those offered by Eccleston Square Hotel, you will want to keep coming back for more.

8 Reasons Why People Prefer Small Designer Hotels

Here are the reasons why you must try out these designer hotels in your next visit to London.

  1. Top class security: Safety is a concern when you are staying at a hotel. With the stringent security measures that the top London boutique hotels implement, you no longer need to worry about the safety of your belongings. Take your time to visit all the must-see places in the city in the reassuring knowledge that your luggage is safe at the hotel.
  1. Amazing restaurants: Central London boutique hotels take pride in serving fine cuisine, along with the traditional flavours and recipes of the local area.
  1. Variety: Since these hotels are independently owned and not a part of any established chain of hotels, they have lot of flexibility and room for innovation in terms of design, services and facilities. If you are walking down the street near Hyde Park or near Sloane Square, you are likely to find these designer hotels with historical or modern design, roof-top terraces or in-house restaurants. The Gatwick Express can take you directly from the airport to such accommodation.
  1. Price: According to a recent study, a boutique hotel is typically 20 percent cheaper than a chain establishment. So, if price is a concern, Westminster boutique hotels offer you an ideal choice of great facilities and services at affordable prices.
  2. Service-oriented approach: The smaller size equips these establishments with better focus on caring for individual guests and customising their services to your needs. Personal attention goes a long way in determining the satisfaction quotient of the customers.
  1. Size and feel: In comparison to the larger chains, these lodgings are small with less number of rooms. Fewer rooms add a personal touch make you feel right at home. This does not, however, take away from the luxury and facilities offered.
  1. Great connectivity: Central London boutique hotels are well situated for you to conveniently commute to all the major tourist destinations in the city. The London passport office is also close by.
  1. Easy Booking: You can book accommodation online, from the comfort of your home. Some places also offer freebies for advance booking, such as a free mini bar, winter or afternoon tea and so on.

If you are travelling to London for personal and official business, make sure you book your accommodation in one of the London luxury hotels well in time.


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