What You Shouldn’t Do while Traveling around the US

What You Shouldn’t Do while Traveling around the US

When traveling, you want to make sure you do not do anything that will ruin your vacation. Every year people across the US find themselves in the hospital or locked up for things that happen while they are traveling.

Failing to do your Research

Planning is the key to a successful trip whether you are flying or driving. Always secure your travel plans well in advance of your trip to avoid any last minute snafus. Book flights with enough time to change planes and have a plan for what you will do when you arrive. Know where your hotel is and what is included in your stay. NBC News recommends, “When you’re visiting a city, ponying up for a more expensive hotel that’s in the middle of the action can be a better financial decision in the long run than staying out in the suburbs and spending money and time on transportation.”

Forgetting Something Important

Make sure that you do not forget anything that will be difficult to replace. Christopher Elliott elaborates, “Did you pack the right clothes? Remember all the power cords? Is your luggage in the trunk of your car? Lists are your friends. Smart travelers know when to wing it and when not to… Travelers who keep lists are far less likely to get into trouble on the road.”

Losing your ID

Losing your driver’s license or passport card can be devastating when traveling. If you lose your ID or it is stolen, get to the police station right away to report it and get assistance with figuring out how you will get home. The best way to avoid misplacing your ID or falling victim to a pickpocket is to keep your ID concealed securely on your body. Always make a copy of your ID before you travel and keep the copy in your luggage as a back up.

Possessing and Transporting Drugs

Everyone has heard stories of people going to jail for bringing recreational drugs with them on vacation or being paid to carry illegal drugs. If anyone offers you money to hold onto or transport illegal drugs, you should refuse the offer and report the incident. Never carry drugs for another person.

If you normally take illegal drugs for recreational use, that is a habit that you should break anyways – whether you are on vacation or not. Taking drugs is risky normally, and it gets much riskier when you are on traveling through security at the airport, past routine police checkpoints or crossing state borders. Being under the influence of drugs or possessing drugs can land you in jail.

Some people also get arrested for transporting drugs on vacation by accident. On a weekly basis there are people posting bail in Brazoria County for unintentional drug offenses. The reason for this is due to the changing marijuana laws across the US. In some states marijuana has been legalized for all residents and in other states it is permitted for medical reasons. The safest thing to do is to leave drugs at home to avoid any issues.

Ignoring Local Signs

Local signs are there for a reason – to keep you and everyone else around you safe. Never ignore posted signs or local ordinances. Doing so can put you and your travel companions in danger and even cause you to be fined. This is especially important when it comes to matters of parking. Some cities have very strict parking laws and you do not want to risk getting a ticket or having your car towed.

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