Where To Next? – I Have A Few Plans

As much as I have loved my time in Melbourne and enjoyed day and weekend trips to other cities, such as Sydney.  I am now ready to move on to some other places.

Ayer’s Rock

I have still not visited one of the most celebrated natural landmarks in Australia and that is one of the next destinations on my plan.  I have made some friends who actually live near to Ayer’s Rock in the Northern Territory so I will hook up with them when I make my way up there.  Apparently they can get my foot in the door for some work, though there is always the web designing business which is still going well.


This is one of the big cities in Australia that I have always wanted to visit.  Apparently it is known for some great night spots and is one of these cities that appeal to all people’s tastes.  The food is to die for, according to my friends and relatives who have holidayed there in the past.  Much like Melbourne, the weather is comfortable and great all year round – so that definitely appeals to me.

The Great Ocean Road

Another place I was told about was the Great Ocean Road.  The views there sound outstanding.  It is a road that is over 200 miles in length and runs along the coastline of Oz, near Victoria.  As well as the jaw dropping views, there are some great restaurants that I want to check out as I have become a big fan of Australian cuisine, as well as all the Thai, Indian and other Middle Eastern food that is served in many restaurants round here.

Fraser Island In Queensland

Although I have already visited the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, I still haven’t had the chance to visit Fraser Island.  Apparently this is the largest area of sand in the world and has around 120 km of beaches that are all beautifully clean and tidy.  I have been told that it is best to cover Fraser Island over a few days, instead of trying to experience it all in just one or two, so I am already looking into accommodation and travel to get out there and check it out.  I am especially looking forward to checking out the snorkelling and scuba diving round the many shipwrecks and seeing some of the rare flora and fauna found there as well.

The Grampians National Park in Victoria

This park is located in Halls Gap and is around 175 km to the north of the end point of the Great Ocean Road, so I could possibly check this out after my trip along the famous road.  The thing that attracts me to this park is the hikes through the sandstone ridges.

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