Why A Trip To Melbourne Should Include The Australian Open

Why A Trip To Melbourne Should Include The Australian Open

There are many great reasons for travelling down under to Australia for a holiday you will never forget, but if you are a tennis fan, there is only one reason – the Australian Open.  As it is that time of the year when you can now pre-order from Queen Of Tickets for next years event, I felt it was appropriate to look at why the Melbourne Park hosted-tennis grand slam tournament is often said to be the most popular.

The Tennis Year Starts Here

The Australian Open is the first slam and major tournament of the competitive tennis year, meaning that it is the best place to see foreshadows of what the rest of the season holds.  Who wins and who loses during this grand slam can hint to who will be the real movers and shakers throughout the rest of the year.  Fans and players alike, by the time the Australian Open has come around again, will be chomping to be involved in some great quality tennis, either watching it or playing it.  While the fans have by this time been waiting for 2 months to see their favorite sport; the players have had a period of downtime and training so enter the tournament at Melbourne Park in fine fettle.

The Enthusiastic Crowds

If there is one thing that seems to follow Australian tennis fans round the world, it is that they are enthusiastic to say the least.  If you have ever watched a Lleyton Hewitt match at Wimbledon, you will know what we are talking about.  When they are filling the stands of Melbourne Park, they are even livelier.  Expect lots of shouting, cheering, chanting and singing for visitors like Andy Murray and Serena Williams as well as local heroes such as the aforementioned Hewitt and Nick Kyrios.

The Retractable Roofs

While most of the grand slam locations have at least one court with a retractable lid to combat delays in their tournaments due to the weather, the Australian Open is unique in that since work was complete on the Margaret Court Arena’s roof; it is the only slam that has retractable roofs on all of its main stadiums.  These roofs are not only good for protecting the court and ensuring games can carry on regardless of how much rain is falling; but also protection from the scorching heat that Australia is famous for at that time of the year.

The Friendly Slam

Along with the previously mentioned enthusiastic and welcoming crowd, there are many other reasons why fans and players alike consider the Australian Open to be the “friendly slam” Amongst those vocal about it’s merits is Roger Federer who has always likes the laid-back approach, which he reckons is due to Melbourne being the smallest city of the 4 cities where the slams take place.

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