Why Choose an Italy Multi Centre Holiday?



From the Alps in the north, all the way to the island of Sicily in the south, Italy stores a huge treasure of historical treasures, cultural milestones, great works of art and architecture, not to mention rural idylls and sun-kissed beaches.

Little wonder, then, that the country is such a popular destination. But how much of all these Italian splendours are enjoyed by the average visitor? The choice too often seems to be settling in a single city or resort or boarding the bus for a whistle stop tour that doesn’t allow you to spend time taking in all the wonderful sights.

So, why not strike a happy medium by staying in one place long enough to become acquainted with all of the attractions in which you have a personal interest yet also remaining mobile enough to up and move to one or two more other bases during the same holiday. This is the secret behind Italy multi centre holidays.

Taking a leaf from the book of bespoke travel specialists Bellarome, for instance, you might combine some of the following destinations into a twin or multi centre holiday that allows you to get to know each city or location in which you stay, but also the chance to move on to sample the delights of yet another region:


  • Rome is on the list, of course, because it is the capital of the country and was the centrepiece of the mighty Roman Empire. Its commanding place in history is undeniable and evident still today in the architecture, monuments and art left behind – it is with good reason that it is known as the Eternal City.


  • Venice, with its canals and gondolas, might be a caricature for all that is Italian – but only to those who have never visited this marvellous “floating” city and experienced all its diversity.


  • Surely there are few stretches of coastline in the world more romantically attractive than the Amalfi Coast and the magical offshore Isle of Capri.
  • Make one of your twin or multi centres the charming town of Sorrento and explore the coastline to your heart’s content or even venture as far as the metropolis of Naples across the bay.


  • Something completely different to the historic cultural icons of ancient civilisation is the seaside resort of Rimini.
  • It is colourful, sun-kissed and has mile upon mile of golden sands – aptly named by some as the Miami of Europe.


  • The largest Italian island, Sicily is nevertheless a world unto itself, with its uniquely distinctive history and culture. It has been a veritable melting pot of civilisations all across the Mediterranean. The hilltop town of Erice, for example, was home to successive invaders, such as the Elymians from ancient Greece, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans.
  • Consider making your base in either Palermo or Taormina – or why not try both.

The beauty of Italy multi centre holidays is that you can mix and match destinations to suit your own individual tastes and preferences by creating a bespoke, one-off holiday to remember.

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