Why My Family Loves Our Gotham West Home

Why My Family Loves Our Gotham West Home

When we first visited Gotham West our teenage kids (a boy and a girl) weren’t exactly ecstatic. An outdoor playground and indoor playroom are not exactly the things that make teenagers smile. But now after a few months of living here, the entire family has settled right in and the kids are very happy with our new home.

First of all, we love our apartment! It’s a 3-bedroom unit with ample space for everyone. The living room has oversized floor-to-ceiling windows with a great view of the Hudson River. Our kids, however, are typical teenagers who like to just stay in their rooms, listen to music and chat with their Facebook friends.

The spacious living room and the modern kitchen are the perfect space for entertainment. We love to take guest to the rooftop after dinner for a spectacular view of the entire city. And yes, there is always that look of envy on our friends’ faces that comes with the view!

All of us love the outdoors, but we also love NYC. At Gotham West we get the best of both worlds – the Hudson River Park is steps away, and Times Square is within walking distance from our apartment.

There are also lots of great restaurants in the neighborhood, which we take full advantage of as a family. The concierge at Gotham West helps us make reservations once a week, which is so helpful. The kids sometimes hang out with their friends at the Gotham West Market downstairs.

We couldn’t be happier with our choice! There are very few places in New York that make you feel at home right from the start. Gotham West does with ease and class.



Written by theadventuremonkey

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